Ocie Elliott & Nathan Kawanishi Team Up to Share the Reimagined Version of “Run To You” (Lo-Fi)

November 19, 2021 BY Nettwerk

Today, the intimate indie-folk duo from Victoria, BC, Ocie Elliott, teams up with rising lo-fi producer and Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist, Nathan Kawanishi, to present a mesmerizing reimagined remix of their song “Run to You (Lo-Fi).” The track originates from the duo’s acclaimed 2019 LP We Fall In, and for this version, Kawanishi builds on the somber, soulful nature of the standout track.

It opens with the signature soothing piano line, complimented by cinematic strings that give way to weighty beats and cavernous vocal harmony loops. The mind-meld of these two artists enters an expansive netherworld of tender beauty.

“In the late spring of 2021 we were approached about doing a lo-fi remix for our song “Run To You,” reflects Ocie Elliott. “We heard Nathan Kawanishi and immediately thought he would be great to collaborate with. The song progressed into a new realm of emotion that we hope will snuggle into people’s everyday life and make it warmer.”

“Run to You (Lo-Fi)” is available now on all digital retailers (here).



Ocie Elliott – Jon Middleton and Sierra Lundy – met playing music at a festival on the small, wind-swept Salt Spring Island, where their love of music and the chemistry of their voices fostered an instant connection. Their musical partnership came to life in 2017 on EP and has since amassed north of 30 million streams and attracted critical praise from American Songwriter, Atwood, Glide and more. The pair has performed alongside the likes of Mason Jennings, Sons of The East, Kim Churchill, and Joshua Hyslop while also captivating viewers with covers performed and captured live from the backseat of their Honda CRV. Additionally, they landed syncs on series such as NETFLIX’s Sweet Magnolias, Grey’s Anatomy, and New Amsterdam.

For 2021’s EP A Place, the musicians stripped down the sound, opting for finger-picked acoustic guitars over keys, which have been prominently featured on the pair’s previous couple of releases. Strikingly, this pure approach absorbed the stillness of the untouched Canadian landscape around them.


Stuck in a pandemic lockdown at his home in Washington, Nathan Kawanishi began to think of Japan. The rising producer, multi-instrumentalist, and rapper was used to making his lo-fi hip-hop instrumentals anywhere his heart took him—in coffee shops, on buses, on planes—but for a bit, he needed to adapt to a new process and to find new inspiration. Kawanishi’s mind started to wander back to his home away from home—the area in and around Tokyo, where he’d spent much of the last few years. Reflecting on the little details, locations, sounds, and smells that make Japan so special to him, Kawanishi started putting together a 24-hour itinerary of some of his favorite memories of living there. The resulting recordings is a “soundtrack of different scenarios and situations.” Along the way, there’s trains and cats and bookstores and, of course, ramen. Inspired by the hybrid hip-hop of artists like Earl Sweatshirt and Mac Miller, the final result is a work of winking chillness that fits Kawanishi alongside instrumental vibe-purveying contemporaries like Sarah the Illstrumentalist, SwuM, Psalm Trees and Harris Cole. And yet, it’s also something of a new form of ambient music, carrying on the tradition of subversive progressives like Brian Eno.