nobody likes you pat Shares ‘Dear…’ EP + New Single “Look At You Now”

September 22, 2023 BY Bailey Vigliaturo

Saint Paul, Minnesota-based artist nobody likes you pat, the moniker for singer-songwriter Pat Kiloran, is thrilled to share his new EP dear… via Nettwerk. Known for his moving melodies and stimulating lyrics, Pat brings a renewed introspective and intimate quality to his latest project.

dear… is a collection of close-to-the-vest tracks that encapsulate the multifaceted experiences and emotions that not only has shaped Pat’s musical journey, but his personal one as well. After exploring new sounds and ideas, nobody likes you pat found himself at a crossroads, realizing that his true artistic essence lies in his blunt-yet-gentle narrative-driven lyricism. Inspired by this revelation, he embarked on a journey back to his roots, crafting songs that resemble intimate letters to his loved ones. From his wife to his best friends, his sons, and even to God, nobody likes you pat’s dear… EP is a self-sacrificial presentation of the realities of life and its relationships. Stripped of artificial gloss and cinematic effects, these songs offer a genuine and meaningful experience for anyone in need of solace and connection.

nobody likes you pat shares his thoughts on the inspiration behind dear…,

“After a few challenging conversations and inner-monologues on what it means to be an artist and on how to move forward, I concluded that I needed to go back to the basics: sitting down with my rubber-bridge guitar in a quiet room and letting something natural flow out. Almost immediately, I struck a chord. I began writing songs as if I was writing letters to the people nearest and dearest to me. Suddenly, the fear of losing my creative edge or my penmanship melted away. I didn’t need to prove myself. I didn’t need to try to break the mold. I already bring something special to the table by offering up pieces of myself every time I pour out into a new chorus. And at the end of the day, that’s what ‘nobody likes you pat’ is. I hope my intimate correspondence with the deepest loves in my life blooms into a beauty of its own for whomever might happen to listen.”

On “dear god,” nobody likes you pat aims to foster an open and honest dialogue between himself and the divine. With its upbeat bounce, a head-nodding rhythm, and sunny whistling, “dear god” delivers a heartfelt message while showcasing the artist’s unique musical style. The song serves as a bridge between his personal experiences and the broader cultural landscape, providing a relatable and modern perspective on matters of faith and spirituality. As nobody likes you pat earnestly pleads, “Oh dear god, I need your help down here,” the song captures a relatable sentiment of seeking guidance and support from a higher power.

With the delicate strumming of the guitar and a sing-around-the-campfire style hymn, “what a good friend is for” glides effortlessly with sheer breeziness from start to finish. nobody likes you pat has always had a flair for crafting easy going melodies with pop sensibilities that are supported by candid-yet-sincere lyricism. With his latest effort, Pat takes a deeper look at the innermost layers of friendship. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day and nor are the best kind of friendships. nobody likes you pat neatly packages that message in his two-plus minute gem of a song.

Deeply resonant and emotionally charged, “folding your clothes” is an earnest ballad that offers a unique perspective on the delicate art of nurturing relationships. With its touching lyrics, soulful melodies, and emotive vocals, “folding your clothes” functions as a poignant reflection on the complexities of romantic relationships, drawing a powerful parallel between the act of cleaning and folding clothes and the continuous effort required to nurture and mend a strong connection. nobody likes you pat’s personal experiences are deeply interwoven into the song’s narrative. “The song truly functions as a metaphor for the up-and-down work that carries a marriage or relationship — taking something good and whole, only to dirty and damage it, to bring it back once again to how it should be through patience, time, gentleness, and consistency,” shares Pat.

Then there’s the late addition of the pop-leaning effort “being broken.” A bit of sonic detour for Pat, the vitalizing track lures listeners in with its sentimental, feel-good instrumental. Lyrically, it begs them to dig deep into their own existential heartache. “being broken” is about the pressure and pain that inevitably comes into our lives. It’s those synaptic threads that start in our childhood years and continue to dig in deeply as we age. When one wound heals, another one opens. The track came to fruition after Pat thought his project was complete, but he knew he couldn’t leave this one out believing it may become the cornerstone of his new project.

“dashboard (love by you)” marks another significant creative shift for Pat. Breathy intonation paints a picture of true love across “dashboard (loved by you),” highlighting the little details a la “watching you watching New Girl in bed, wonder what you’re wondering in your head, cuz mine is a mess.” Closing track, “look at you now,” centers around the transformative journey of parenthood. Pat’s contemplation has led him to explore the delicate balance between his identity as an artist and his role as a father. “This song takes a trip into the quiet and special moments of watching my children grow and change, all the while grappling with my own failures to be the father I need to be and the uncertainties of the future. Ultimately, it’s a hopeful recognition of the common phrase: “they grow up so fast.” And I hope that when they are adults, living their own lives, that they will look back and see that I was cheering them on the whole way,” Pat conveys.

dear… EP is available on DSPs here:

nobody likes you pat – dear… EP Tracklisting

dear god

what a good friend is for

folding your clothes

being broken

dashboard (loved by you)

look at you now

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