nobody likes you pat Announces “Dear…” EP Out September 23, Shares New Single “Dear God”

June 30, 2023 BY Jason Currell

On “dear god,” nobody likes you pat aims to foster an open and honest dialogue between himself and the divine. With its upbeat bounce, a head-nodding rhythm, and sunny whistling, “dear god” delivers a heartfelt message while showcasing the artist’s unique musical style. The song serves as a bridge between his personal experiences and the broader cultural landscape, providing a relatable and modern perspective on matters of faith and spirituality. As nobody likes you pat earnestly pleads, “Oh dear god, I need your help down here,” the song captures a relatable sentiment of seeking guidance and support from a higher power.

nobody likes you pat shares his thoughts on the inspiration behind “dear god,” stating, “I grew up in a very Christian home, and while faith remains a core element of my life, I have no interest in being labeled a ‘Christian artist.’ There has been a departure from the politicized Evangelicalism, and this song represents a candid prayer where I address my own failures and reflect on the shortcomings of our culture in a very 21st or 22nd century way.”

After exploring new sounds and ideas, nobody likes you pat found himself at a crossroads, realizing that his true artistic essence lies in his blunt-yet-gentle narrative-driven lyricism. Inspired by this revelation, he embarked on a journey back to his roots, crafting songs that resemble intimate letters to his loved ones. From his wife to his best friends, his sons, and even to God, nobody likes you pat’s dear… EP is a self-sacrificial presentation of the realities of life and its relationships. Stripped of artificial gloss and cinematic effects, these songs offer a genuine and meaningful experience for anyone in need of solace and connection.

“dear god” follows the recent singles dashboard (love by you) and what a good friend is for,” which marks a significant creative shift for the artist. Breathy intonation paints a picture of true love across “dashboard (loved by you),” highlighting the little details a la “watching you watching New Girl in bed, wonder what you’re wondering in your head, cuz mine is a mess.” With the delicate strumming of the guitar and a sing-around-the-campfire style hymn, “what a good friend is for” glides effortlessly with sheer breeziness from start to finish. With this effort, Pat takes a deeper look at the innermost layers of friendship.

“dear god” is available on DSPs here:

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Nobody likes you pat – “dear…” EP Tracklisting:
1. dear god

what a good friend is for

folding your clothes

being broken

dashboard (loved by you)

look at you now

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