Nina June To Release ‘Meet Me on the Edge of Our Ruin’ (Nov 26); Watch “Jeremiah Blue” Video

October 4, 2021 BY Nettwerk



“’…a sweeping regal offering from June, driven by a steady tambourine-led beat and gorgeous swelling strings. The effect is undeniably cinematic…”

Under The Radar

Amsterdam-based, silver-blonde songstress Nina June builds songs from the vestiges of past romances, relationships, friendships, and worries about the world sewn together by eloquent strings, artful arrangements, glistening keys, airy guitars, and organic sound design. After generating tens of millions of global streams and receiving critical praise, the Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter collects these thoughts and feelings on her 2021 full-length album, Meet Me on The Edge of Our Ruin (out November 26 via Nettwerk Records).

Those ruins represent things we’ve lost,” she explains. “It could be friendships I’ve lost or people who I’ve truly loved in my life and moved on from. At the same time, we leave behind so many ruins as human beings. I’ve been a vegetarian since the age of six and a vegan for three years. I don’t understand why we as a species destroy our planet, leaving behind so much beauty. A ruin is anything I look back on and think, ‘That was once undamaged, now it’s broken and abandoned. Somewhere in there hides beauty. What direction am I going to take from here?’

A tambourine-led beat simmers in a haze of cinematic instrumentation as the slow and sultry delivery takes hold on standout single “Jeremiah Blue.” “It’s about that one first person who breaks your heart relentlessly, and you know you’ll never be the same again,” says Nina.

For the video, Nina was dressed by Amsterdam-based House Of Usefulness, a fashion label that is dedicated to sustainable fashion, only using pre-loved fabrics and materials to construct their collection.

In addition to new music, Nina shares 2021 & 2022 tour dates in The Netherlands, Germany, and the UK. See dates below.


“Jeremiah Blue” is available at all digital retailers. Click here:


Track List:


1. Build a Boat 
2. Jeremiah Blue 
3. Rainbow Ashes 
4. World on Fire 
5. Beneath The Surface
6. The Great Reveal (feat. Jon Bryant)
7. Like an Enemy
8. Our Garden
9. I Call Love In 
10. Trust Fall


Tour Dates: 


02.12.2021       Amsterdam, NL @ Melkweg

03.12.2021       Rotterdam, NL @ De Doelen

11.12.2021       Den Bosch, NL @ Willem Twee – Toonzaal

12.12.2021       Zwolle, NL @ Hedon

18.01.2022       Dresden, DE @ Beatpol

19.01.2022       Dortmund, DE @ FZW

20.01.2022       Hamburg, DE @ Nochtwache

21.01.2022       Berlin, DE @ Kantine Am Berghain

27.01.2022       London, UK @ The Grace

05.02.2022       Utrecht, NL @ Tivolivredenburg