Night Tapes unveil stirring new single ‘Inigo’; taken from new EP ‘Perfect Kindness’

April 21, 2023 BY Bailey Vigliaturo

 DIY dream-pop trio Night Tapes return with their luscious new single “Inigo”, out 21st April on Nettwerk

Inigo” is the second single from the band’s upcoming EP Perfect Kindness, which drops later this year. It continues a hot streak for the group, who followed their well-received previous single “Selene” with their first international performance at SXSW Festival last month.  

Showing the band’s versatility, the dancey Inigo” is a departure from the hazy dreamscape of “Selene”, with lead singer Iiris Vesik riffing over a shuffling dancehall-inspired groove. “You don’t need to suffer anymore”, she sings in soothing tones as celestial synths bathe the mix. 

Speaking about the track, the band says: “‘Inigo’ is about putting up boundaries and developing personal yang power…it’s about those moments in life when you understand that it’s time to move from a comfortable setting and develop a spine through uncomfortable situations. Young beautiful people in general should be treated with caution, because youth is cruel.” 


Night Tapes started out as evening jams between housemates Max DoohanSam Richards and Iiris Vesik in London. Night time London, genre-blending, multi-fidelity recordings and honest reflection contribute to their atmospheric soundscapes that ultimately make for fresh and envelope-pushing dream pop. Night Tapes take inspiration from both their lived experience in the world that they can see and touch, as well as the less tangible spiritual and metaphysical realm. 

To date, the band have released two EPs: Dream Forever In Glorious Stereo and Download Spirit. Their debut single ”Forever” has reached over five million plays, and their music has been championed by TurtlenekPaste MagazinePigeons & PlanesDUMMY MagazineAt The BarrierDavid Dean Burkhart and Majestic Casual channels. Having signed to Nettwerk in 2022, Night Tapes will release their third EP Perfect Kindness later this year on the label.  

Inigo shows listeners another side of Night Tapes’ dream-like world with a synth-laden groove that stirs the soul. The buzz around the trio’s upcoming EP Perfect Kindness intensifies. 

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Perfect Kindness – EP Tracklist: 
Perfect Kindness 
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