New Zealand’s LEISURE Shares Eye Opening Video For Captivating Single “Feeling Free”

December 6, 2018 BY Nettwerk

“Tight harmonies, silky synths, and a woozy, poolside vibe mean we’ve been sticking it on repeat big time here.” – Wonderland

“Mean groove, melodies, and no f**king around. The three principles of Auckland based band and collective, LEISURE.” – Dummy Mag

“LEISURE are a non-traditional band of the new age. Their inspirations are widespread – they range from psychedelic rock, funk… and early 2000s trippy dance.” – Noisey

Critically acclaimed 5-piece New Zealand based band LEISURE have shared an eye-opening video for their scintillating single “Feeling Free.” Directed by Jason Bock, the concept of the video was to create a film that paints a tasteful picture, more raw and naturalistic of what life is like in a nudist colony, using genuine nudists. Watch the uncensored version below:

*WARNING: Extreme Nudity*

“The core concept is an organic and literal expression of the lyrics,” Bock explained. “LEISURE’s idea was to create a story around a nudist colony, and they didn’t want to play it safe! It was refreshing having a brief that allowed me to exercise my unorthodox ideas and have complete creative freedom with a risky concept.” He further went on “I loved the idea and started to conceptualise what type of world these nudists lived in. I always saw nudism as some kind of dream world, a utopia. I was fascinated with the juxtaposition of what utopia and dystopia what would look like and started researching locations with harsh brutalist architecture that felt like a parallel dystopian planet. There is something interesting about the clash of raw naked bodies against brutal architectural forms.”


“Feeling Free” is available on all digital platforms now. The song showcases the Auckland-based band’s midas touch of blending upbeat electro-funk, psychedelic pop and shimmering sun-kissed soulful vocals.

A spur-of-the-moment holiday is what lead to the creation of LEISURE. The band who’d been writing songs and producing records in various guises for many years decided to take their gear and create their own ideal music-making world by a beach up Auckland’s stunning west coast. Currently recording their second album, “It’s been something like 700 days since we released our debut album” the band explained. “Admittedly we had no idea what we were making, or how we were doing it, the only certainty was that the combination of the creative energies when we were all in a room was a feeling none of us had felt before. Over the past year or so we’ve been capturing new moments from new places for the next collection of LEISURE songs…”

This coming Friday the band will release a remix of “Feeling Feel” by London-based DJ & producer Laurence Guy. Stay tuned for more new music from LEISURE in 2019.


Made up of five independently talented and successful members, they can be summed up as a NZ supergroup, made up of producers & songwriters. LEISURE are an anomaly in the music industry. Their debut track “Got It Bad” crossed the globe with it’s funked up, psychedelic blissed out homage to laid-back pleasure. It seems their highly democratic band structure, where everyone can play whichever instrument they like, produced some gold dust.

Having amassed over 50 million streams on their 2016 self-titled debut album, which entered at #2 in the NZ charts, they have built a rabid, loyal fan base that has seen their rare live shows sell out and become the stuff of legends. Their music has become a staple in the sync world; they have collaborated with hip-hop star, Goldlink, and have now signed to record label Nettwerk (Vök, Mallrat, Angus & Julia Stone) in Europe and US for their forthcoming second album, due out in 2019.