New York-Based Neo-Classical Cinematic Pianist Doeke Returns With “Kosmos (Cosmos)”

September 15, 2023 BY Emma Orland

Doeke (Jorn Swart), the New York-based poignant neo-classical pianist returns with “Kosmos (Cosmos),” a gorgeous cinematic journey through the vast universe. With delicate yet rapid piano arpeggios and minor harmonies slowly increasing in drama, “Kosmos (Cosmos)” immerses the listener with a musical portrait of the birth of the universe. Additionally, this sonically memorizing track is accompanied with an exquisite music video filmed in an 11th century medieval church in Doeke’s home village of Zuidwolde, The Netherlands. “Kosmos (Cosmos)” is available at all digital retailers here:

Jorn shares, “Kosmos’ highlights the intricate beauty and complexity of the universe, while also encouraging the listener to find peace and tranquility as mere specks in the grand scheme of things.”


About the video, Jorn states, “I think there’s a parallel to be drawn with the meaning behind this single. A sacred place with such a rich history can evoke feelings of awe, just as the history and vastness of our universe can do the same. In both, you can feel insignificant in the presence of something so much larger than yourself and everything you know. In an infinitely vast universe, you can be overwhelmed by reverence and gratitude, and that’s precisely the feeling this song tries to capture.”

Doeke’s most recent EP, Bewondering featured the singles “Bergen (Moutains),” “Sterrenhemel (Starry Sky),” and “Arctic,” which were paired with accompanied sheet music via his YouTube channel for listeners and fans to learn and play along. Bewondering is an enchanting collection of piano pieces that pays homage to the wonders of nature, and the sense of awe and inspiration they evoke. The music explores the many facets of our natural world, from the grandeur of mountains to the serenity of a starry sky. Each track captures a unique mood and feeling, yet all share a common sense of wonder and appreciation for the beauty of our planet. With its intricate melodies and Doeke’s signature melancholic piano style, Bewondering invites the listener to take a moment to reconnect with the natural world and to feel inspired to cherish it.

Photo Credit: Colin Mooijman | DOWNLOAD here