New York-based Alternative Artist/Producer Elliot Moss Returns With Transcendent New Single “Altitude”

April 21, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Today, New York-based singer, songwriter, and producer Elliot Moss releases “Altitude,” his transcendent new single and first since 2020. Written about the blissfulness of letting go, “Altitude” captures the odd freedom in surrendering to the daze of depression, cinematically captured through its wistful, sonorous vocals, and brooding, saturated soundscape. Listen to “Altitude” on all digital retailers (here).

On “Altitude,” Elliot explains: “It’s about a feeling – like coasting, floating, or sliding… I’ve dealt with depression for fifteen years, and there’s some argument for pushing back at the darkest points. But there’s also this bliss to letting go of your footing. This dreamy concentration comes wrapped around sorrow… ‘Altitude’ describes a place I never like to be. But that place can come with a unique directness to my quieter half. So I’m grateful for it, too.”


An inveterate musician raised in the recording studio, Elliot Moss has devoted much of his life to dreaming up sonic worlds with a strangely transportive power. After finding breakout success with his viral hit single “Slip” at age 18, the New York City-bred singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist brought his unfettered imagination and refined musicality to his 2015 debut Highspeeds and its follow-up A Change In Diet (a 2020 LP praised by Pitchfork as “sharp and deftly evocative”).

When it came time for his third albumMoss matched his limitless ingenuity with a newly heightened commitment to exacting emotional truth—a dynamic that soon led to his most fully realized offering yet, a nuanced meditation on how personal limitations both burden and define us. Rooted in his belief that “peace comes from feeling things sharply,” the result is a luminous body of work that invites both intense introspection and transformative catharsis.

With the help and insight from fellow producer Damian Taylor (Björk, Arcade Fire, Japandroids), Moss shaped the album’s boldly original form of alt-pop by working with a vast palette of instrumentation and electronic elements, embracing a decidedly more guitar-centric sound than his past work. “Guitar was my first instrument and I was obsessed with it as a kid, so it felt right to write songs with actual riffs for once,” says Moss, who got his start playing bass in studio sessions helmed by his father, a veteran studio engineer who now joins Moss on the road as his live sound mixer.”

Stay tuned for more from Elliot Moss.


“…all of Moss’ considerable talents coalesce around a richly textured beat and soulful, straightforward lyrics.”

– Pitchfork

“…orchestrating new eerie electropop worlds…”

– Billboard

“Ethereal, spacious, and diverse, Elliot Moss’ style is a combination of minimalist, echoed beats layered with acoustic delicacies, veering into grunge and electro-pop.”


“…a powerhouse of creativity and idiosyncrasy, mesmerizing listeners with every magnetic rhythm.”

– Atwood Magazine

Download Single Artwork Here