New Signing PANTōNE VU Shares “Danube Blue’ From ‘The Blue Series’ EP (Out January 14)

September 30, 2021 BY Nettwerk


Nettwerk Records is excited to announce the signing of PANTōNE VU, a synesthesia-curious partnership between two musicians looking to explore the intersection of color and sound. PANTōNE VU joins Nettwerk’s expanding roster of instrumental artists that includes The Album Leaf, The Field Tapes, Nathan Kawanishi, G Mills, Fletcher Reed, Alaskan Tapes, Slumberville, Dreamers Delight, MÒZÂMBÎQÚE, and others.

On January 14, PANTōNE VU will release The Blue Series EP, the first in a two-part concept release. Blending found sound, live performance, and modular synth-tinkering, the EPs will explore the many musical trails that exist in the corners of the color spectrum.

About the EP, the duo had this to say: “Synesthetes that spontaneously experience color while listening to music, in addition to normal auditory perception is fascinating. We’ve crossed paths many times during our solo careers and the relationship between sound and color was something we were keen to dig into, together. Answers to questions like, ‘what does blue lolite sound like?’ or ‘what noise does Iceland Poppy make?’ What sound lies when one arrives at green? It’s been fun to imagine the sonics behind it all.”

To kick things off, PANTōNE VU shares debut single, “Danube Blue,” a “gauzy float down the Danube somewhere between Passau and Linz,” says the duo. Adding, “a vaguely familiar piano lark surrounded by the gesso of industry and the pulse of passing towns.

‘The Blue Series’ EP Track List:

1. Danube Blue
2. Blue Atoll
3. Blue Print
4. Ribbon Blue
5. Blue Lolite
6. Reflex Blue