New Signing Lofi Producer Skinny Atlas Shares “Upside Down in the Backseat (feat. Jomie)” 

April 22, 2022 BY Penny Palmer

Nettwerk Records is excited to announce the signing of lofi producer, musician, and vocalist Skinny Atlas. Skinny Atlas joins Nettwerk’s expanding roster of instrumental artists that includes The Album Leaf, Nathan Kawanishi, SCayos, Fletcher Reed, The Alaskan Tapes, Slumberville, Huey Daze, MÒZÂMBÎQÚE, and others.

The New York-based creative has been prolific in his collaborations with vocalists like Powfu, Laeland, Snøw, dhan, Jomie, and cøzybøy. The results are often heartbreaking and confessional and add an even greater level of emotional depth and raw tenderness to the songs. Today, Skinny Atlas shares “Upside Down in the Backseat” – written with Mississippi-based vocal lofi artist Laeland alongside additional vocals from longtime collaborator Jomie.

The track is about the transition from late adolescence to early adulthood and all of the growing pains that come with that time,” reflects Skinny Atlas. “The first-time experiencing formative events such as experimenting with intoxicants, partying, and falling in and out of romantic relationships can be even more complicated when a life path of pursuing music is less typical than that of your family, friends, and hometown classmates. People don’t believe in young creatives enough, which makes growing up all the more challenging. The lyrics express the push and pull between these two worlds along with glimpses of uncertain moments along the way: “I’m drunk right now, so don’t text me, I’m not the only one in your phone” and “it’s obvious that you don’t want my love.”

Reflective, somber, and honest – the tracks are meant to be played late at night for those who can’t sleep, those awake at four in the morning when the storm is pouring in, and the rest of the world is dreaming.

“Upside Down in the Backseat (feat. Jomie)” is available at digital retailers HERE.

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