New Signing Lofi Producer goosetaf To Release ‘Prisms’ EP

June 24, 2022 BY Penny Palmer

Nettwerk Records is thrilled to announce the signing of producer and lofi-craftsman goosetaf.

goosetaf is a Seattle-based music producer with an expansive and evolving sound that has earned nearly 300 million streams and tens of thousands of fans both on retail and social platforms. Across his thoughtfully curated catalog, goosetaf deftly incorporates traditional instrumentation (electric and acoustic guitars, keys, drums) alongside carefully embedded beats to create a soundscape that is undoubtedly experimental in its slow-paced, inconspicuous design.

On August 19, goosetaf – with collaborator and new talent Bouji Bud – returns with Prisms, a 5-track EP on Nettwerk. “The EP as a whole provides a range in energies and emotions,” he reflects. “Filled with numerous different synths and two guitars, there is plenty of variety throughout the EP. I like to push beyond the standard ‘lofi’ beat, and this project shows you can be innovative while still capturing a simple and chill mood.”

In 2020, goosetaf released various singles and inventive projects, further developing and pushing his sound. After releasing an LP with instrumental label/channel Lofi Girl in 2021, goosetaf followed up with Left in the Labyrinth in early 2022: a project that included features from rappers like Nyck Caution (of Pro Era), Erick the Architect (of Flatbush Zombies), and Smoke DZA. With each release, he wants to create an immersive sonic experience by fusing chill elements with future influence. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Flying Lotus, Madlib, Kiefer, and Yoko Kanno, goosetaf’s prolific and wordless discography mixes old-school hip-hop with his modern beat palette to create something entirely his own.

goosetaf joins Nettwerk’s expanding roster of instrumental artists, including Nathan Kawanishi, SCayos, frumhere., Fletcher Reed, The Alaskan Tapes, Slumberville, and others.

“Attraction” is available at digital retailers here:

Track List:
1. Anticipate
2. Ardor
3. Attraction
4. Fever Dream
5. Questions 2 U

EP Artwork | Download HERE