New Signing  Lofi Beats Producer Aesthetic Sounds Shares “Glassy Lagoons”

November 5, 2021 BY Nettwerk


Nettwerk Records is excited to announce the signing of Aesthetic Sounds, a music project that focuses on vibe-heavy beats and has already earned nearly a million usages on TikTok. Aesthetic Sounds join Nettwerk’s expanding roster of instrumental artists that includes The Album Leaf, The Field Tapes, Nathan Kawanishi, G Mills, Fletcher Reed, Alaskan Tapes, Slumberville, Dreamers Delight, MÒZÂMBÎQÚE, PANTōNE VU, and others.

Out today, Aesthetic Sounds shares Nettwerk’s debut single, “Glassy Lagoons.” At 2-minutes, the lush and sweet lo-fi track combines beats, keys, vocalizations, claps, and bass. Aesthetic Sounds had this to say about the track: “I grew up in Hawaii, where the water is often crystal clear or pure turquoise. The visual texture of the ocean often feels more like a glass sculpture than seawater, and the movements of this glassy expanse are pure hypnotism. This track captures a similar aesthetic. The jazz chords and the movements and textures of the drums create a vibe that is buoyant, warm, and hypnotizing.”

“Glassy Lagoons” is available at all digital retailers HERE: