New Signing Doeke; The Neo-Classical Pianist Shares Mesmerizing Instrumental Track “Nadagen (After-Days)”

April 19, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Nettwerk Music Group is excited to announce the signing of Doeke, the New York-based poignant Neo-Classical pianist who elegantly showcases the delicate, intricate, and gentle sound of the piano.  Doeke—a.k.a. Jorn Swart — creates melancholic compositions that invite listeners from all over the world to join in the nostalgia and reflection on the past. In his latest single “Nadagen (After-Days),” the atmospheric melancholic melody delivered by his hands captures the world of Doeke and the stories of his past and what’s to come.

Doeke is shaped by a desire to return to simplicity. It’s about nostalgia, it’s about home, it’s about the strange details we tend to remember from childhood. “Doeke was my grandfather’s first name,” says Swart. “He played the accordion, which inspired me to pick up that instrument as a kid, and later led me to the piano. All the song titles are in Dutch, and many of the compositions are inspired by memories from the Netherlands.”

For his Nettwerk debut, Doeke will introduce a new body of work called Herinner in late 2022. Doeke shares, “Though these recollections are deeply personal for me, music can transcend our individual stories and transform the particular into the universal. It allows us to collectively experience the most powerful human states of being — joy, melancholy, reflection, excitement — and take comfort in knowing we all feel this way sometimes.”

Doeke joins Nettwerk’s expanding label roster, which also includes John Hayes, The Album Leaf, Realizer, and others. Stay tuned for more music and info.

“Nadagen (After-Days)” is available at all digital retailers here:



Doeke (Doo-kuh) is the cinematic piano project of pianist and composer Jorn Swart. Known for his refined playing and emotive compositions, Jazziz Magazine wrote that Swart has “mastered the art of using a single improvised line to elicit complex emotions.” Swart moved to the USA in 2010 as a Fulbright Scholar to pursue a master’s degree in jazz piano in New York City, where he’s been living and performing ever since. Throughout his career, Swart has been busy not only as a composer and a piano soloist, but also as a bandleader, musical director, and recording artist for other musicians. As he built his name, touring throughout the USA and in Europe and garnering international acclaim, audiences told him that his work sounded like it was telling a story. With Doeke, he leans into this quality — Doeke’s music has the narrative, emotional attributes of a film score. His latest work Herinner (to be released via Nettwerk) is a continued exploration of his signature dreamy and gentle piano playing with sonic reflection of stories from the past, present and future.

“Nadagen (After-Days)” Single Art HERE