New Signing darkDARK Releases “In Two” From Upcoming EP ‘We forget when we’re apart.” (out July 31 Via Nettwerk)

May 12, 2020 BY Nettwerk

There is an uncanny futurism beating inside darkDARK, the duo of Chris James and Genevieve Vincent that pairs cinematic synths with modern pop. You feel this in the tidal push-and-pull of their soundscapes. Their music, created just before this recent wave of melancholia, is so timeless that it doubles as the playlist for those aching to inch themselves back into life.

darkDARK will release the 5-song EP We forget when we’re apart. on July 31 via Nettwerk, a title inspired from the gently pulsating track “Back to the Start.” The first single “In Two” seems designed to make you weep with an ethereal, glitched-out mantra-like chorus, “I feel so much I’m in two,” captures the unease of being torn in two with cut-up vocal sampling capturing the upside and shadowy sides of existence.

The longer you spend apart from someone the more you can forget what you used to share. Memories are fallible, and in a world that feels like it’s always becoming less empathetic, we wanted to show and invite vulnerability, and hopefully create a shared experience with the people who listen. We wrote this EP living in different states, so we imagined these shared ‘settings’ or ‘spaces’ where we could write together and create cohesive pastiches of sound for each song,” – says the duo.

The secret to their synchronicity lies in their work practice too. With Genevieve in Los Angeles and Chris in Austin, they wrote and mixed projects for four years before even meeting. Also, they have a very expansive DropBox, where they organize their ideas. That journey is a big part of the alchemy driving darkDARK.  One of them starts a track, and they pass it back and forth sometimes more than a dozen times, adding and subtracting elements until it hits an aural sweet spot.  Then, mixer Andrew Maury (Shawn Mendes, Lizzo, Post Malone) came in at the end to put some final touches on the tracks.

darkDARK joins Nettwerk’s expanding label roster, which includes artists like Mr Little Jeans, Mallrat, The Veils, SYML, Vök, and Aunty Social.

EP Track List:

  1. Save It
  2. In Two
  3. No Symmetry
  4. Back To The Start
  5. No Symmetry (Giraffage Remix)