New Signing Boy Willows Shares “Tuff”; Watch The Official Music Video Here 

May 21, 2021 BY Nettwerk

In art, the balance between light and dark conveys emotion, conceptualizes thought, and transcends language. To mold it with intent and focus it into a singular message is a distinctive skill. Meet Landon Fleischman, the Los Angeles-via-Maryland musician who records as Boy Willows. The vocalist, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist makes music that is spacious and special; his songs, while about specific experiences and moments, also capture those unique, diaphanous moments that seem to only exist in memory: the feeling of the sun filtering through threadbare curtains, or club lights captured from behind the eyelids.

Last year, Landon released “Fila” (feat. Dylan Minnette of Wallows) and “I Love It When You Talk” – songs to step into and feel wash over you, weightlessness defined by welcoming conversations and gentle deliveries. Directed by Mark Golembeski, Landon returns with a fun, B-movie adjacent video for the latest single, “Tuff,” an ironic take on the perception of self when faced with the challenges of reality.

I wanted this song to seem like a joke that everyone was in on except for me. There’s something painful and funny about a guy who needs to be seen as tough. And, in doing so, is seen as the opposite. It’s about me wanting to be brave & strong in the face of aging, but in an attempt to so badly prove my strength to myself and everyone else, it comes off laughably transparent, try-hard, and just super un-tough. At the core, it’s vulnerable and honest, and you hear that at the end, it’s covered in a big fake shield of muscle,” says Landon.

Like Arthur Russell refracted through the lens of Gen Z, Boy Willows’ music tells a story of unbridled, modernist creativity. Stay tuned in the coming days for more music and news.

“Tuff” is available at all digital retailers, click HERE: