New Nettwerk Lofi Projects You Should Check Out

February 24, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Today, Nettwerk shares three lofi releases from a diverse and prolific community of artists, ranging in location from the Pacific Coast to western Europe. Each project comes with a distinct narrative, touching on topics such as articulating moods, community and a long day of travel.

Aesthetic Sounds shares their second album Mood Boards (download cover art HERE) following up their self-titled debut LP released in April (HERE). The Aesthetic Sounds project focuses on vibe-heavy beats and has already earned nearly a million usages on TikTok. “I use mood boards a lot when I’m creating a visual arts project,” explains Aesthetic Sounds about the new album, “and I thought it would be a fun idea to base an album off of what some of my mood boards would ‘sound’ like. I was also inspired by a lot of the TikTok/IG videos that people use my music for, such as painting videos, short daily vlogs, and fun tutorials. The interplay between visuals, experience, and music has always been interesting to me, and I think instrumentals work especially well for that.” Mood Boards is available at digital retailers here:

German lofi duo paris91 shares their latest EP Coup (download cover art HERE) following up their Paper & Tea EP in 2022. The six-song EP features collaborations from fellow beatmakers (and Nettwerk signees) Ornithology, Nathan Kawanishi, and NerdStar, while also featuring three solo tracks. The result is a communal offering, one that feels like being around friends and fellow creatives. A laid-back and beat-driven listening experience from start to finish. Coup is available at all digital retailers here:

Finally, Swedish producer Slumberville joins forces with fellow Nettwerk signees Fletcher Reed and Nathan Kawanishi for an EP entitled All In a Daze Work (download cover art HERE). The three lofi producers take listeners through a day in Europe with this brief EP. With breakfast in Germany, a nap in Italy, and dessert in Ireland, it’s a quick trip through various getaways, embracing the sounds and bounce along the way. With Nathan Kawanishi residing in Seattle, Slumberville in Sweden, and Fletcher Reed in many places at once (maybe Amsterdam, maybe California), this collaborative effort is a global affair. Three flavorful tracks to fill you up until these instrumentalists drop the next main course. All In a Daze Work is available at all digital retailers here:


Photo Courtesy of Nettwerk | Download HERE

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Aesthetic Sounds is a project focusing on making the best-sounding, most vibe-heavy beats possible. In a perfect world, these sounds become a part of people’s lives and the way people express themselves online, due to the adaptability of the tracks and their ability to enhance the mood of pretty much anything.


Photo Courtesy of Nettwerk | Download HERE

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paris91 is a Hamburg-based duo made up of Deniz & Flo, two music-loving nerds shifting between lofi beats, old school hip hop and sophisticated jazzy instrumentals. The two musicians love to create a unique sound both cozy and warm, often with field recordings and real instruments like violin, trumpet, and guitar.


Photo Courtesy of Nettwerk | Download HERE

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Slumberville is lofi music always trying to simplify. “simplicity is key. always.” Loving the DIY headspace and the approach, and creative freedom, of a “bedroom producer,” he loves incorporating different genres/styles into his lofi world. “How would that universe sound in this universe?” Realizing perfection is an ever evolving journey, it’s all about creativity


Photo Courtesy of Nettwerk | Download HERE

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Fletcher Reed, the nom de plume of American music producer Andrew Smith, grew up learning various instruments and playing in different bands at an early age. Reed’s instrumentals are injected with a specific sense of place and geographic spirit to represent the worldly appreciation he developed while traveling. Fletcher Reed is sure to be a major landmark on the instrumental music map with his consistency and attention to detail.


Photo Credit: Brad Dell | Download HERE

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Lofi producer, rapper, and multi-instrumentalist Nathan Kawanishi pushed himself to explore every corner of the lofi space on his forthcoming two-part concept album. Iconoclasm (Thesis) (11/25/22), and Splashes of Ink (Antithesis) (3/10/23), are inspired by Hegel’s concept of thesis and antithesis. With attention-demanding tracks that shove themselves to the forefront of your brain. Iconoclasm subverts ideas about lofi’s purpose as a genre. The songs on Iconoclasm possess Kawanishi’s signature rich layers of sound, and careful attention to every nuanced note, but they are bolder and more imposing. Splashes of Ink takes a more ambient turn, finding inspiration in the brooding instrumentals of post-rock bands Explosions in the Sky and This Will Destroy You, and Kawanishi’s pre-pandemic interest in mindfulness and meditation apps.