New Nettwerk Lofi Projects You Should Check Out

April 21, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Today, Nettwerk shares three lofi releases from a diverse and prolific community of artists, spread across North America’s biggest three countries. Each project comes with a distinct narrative, touching on topics such as looking back to the past, watching birds at night and the warmth of human connection.

Mexican lofi producer Donovan’s Playground shares his debut album To My Past Self (download cover art HERE). The 12-track project is his first under the Donovan’s Playground name and features HM Surf, Sleepdealer, Steve Nguyen, and more. “The project,” Donovan shares, “is a reminder to myself of how far I’ve come. Not too long ago, I was struggling with a lot of anxiety with music because I didn’t know what to do next…. With this album, I’m reminding myself how far music has taken me and I think my past self would have loved to see me now. It’ll be a constant reminder to myself that we can become our best versions if we try.” To My Past Self is available at digital retailers here:

Lofi producer Ornithology shares his latest EP By The Pier (download cover art HERE), his first with Nettwerk. The six-track EP hones in on the simplicity and beauty of life’s ordinary moments, such as a walk on the pier. “A lot of the songs on By The Pier,” shares Ornithology, “were made in one sitting. I wanted to fully be in the moment while making these songs. I made them all at home with my cat by my side and a glass of warm tea.” By The Pier is available at all digital retailers here:

Finally, Canadian duo PANTōNE VU join forces with jazzy lofi producer GXNXSIS for an EP entitled We Follow (download cover art HERE). The EP first started with an Instagram exchange, where A + K and GXNXSIS expressed admiration for each other’s work. As they began to work together, the synergy was apparent. “We Follow”, the duo describes, “is our hymn to friendship–a blanket of fond memories to curl up under when the world appears on the verge of a tantrum. Autumnal in tone with glimpses of the first green sprouts of spring.” We Follow is available at all digital retailers here: