New England LOFI Artist Towerz Shares New Single “Overcast”

October 14, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Nettwerk Records is thrilled to announce the signing of Massachusetts-based music producer Towerz. He adds even more depth to Nettwerk’s roster of instrumental artists, and has already collaborated with fellow Nettwerk lo-fi artists Chris Mazuera (“Chao”) and Skinny Atlas (“Serendipity”).

Towerz arrives at Nettwerk with over 100 million Spotify streams to his name. He’s stayed busy since his 2020 debut EP Until Tomorrow, releasing projects such as A Bridge Between (with hi jude), At Long Last (with edelwize) and his latest offering Solemn. He’s received strong playlist support from Lofi Girl, including their flagship “beats to relax/study to” playlist (6.7M likes, stream HERE), as well as Spotify’s “lush lofi” editorial (995K likes, stream HERE).

Today, Towerz shares his latest single, entitled “overcast.” The record uses several natural sounds such as birds chirping, waves crashing onto shore and distant-sounding conversation to give listeners a sense for the lush landscapes of the Northeast. Lo-fi piano chords emerge from a hazy atmospheric intro to catalyze the track, underscored by organ samples and the trickling of fresh rain.

“overcast” is inspired by one of my adventures in the White Mountains of New Hampshire,” shares Towerz. “After an 8 mile hike I reached the summit of Little Haystack only to find a cloud or “overcast” Mountain. The atmosphere was quite dramatic so i wrote the piano in a way I felt matched that drama. Along with distant voices and the sounds of the nearby train station that hikers ascended the mountain from.

overcast” is available at digital retailers here:

Single Artwork | Download HERE

Towerz Bio

Towerz is a Massachusetts-based music producer driven by his passion for soothing sounds. Inspired and inspiring, Towerz – both solo and collaborative – frequently creates conceptual and meaningful art. Using live instrumentation as well as field recordings and organic samples to create his original compositions, Towerz is able to allow the listener to immerse in his calming tracks. With influences from both the ambient and folk worlds, one essential part of his musical process is the use of warm chords and organic drums. The result is a laid-back lofi listening experience, expanding the genre one note at a time.