New England Lofi Artist Towerz Announces Mountain-Themed Album ‘standing hills’

December 9, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Today, Massachusetts-based music producer Towerz announces his next album, entitled standing hillsThe 11-track project will arrive at digital retailers on January 20, 2023, and chronicles how isolation helped Towerz find peace with his personal struggles.

“I’ve moved 18 times in my life,” shares Towerz. “For some reason not one of those places had mountains. So I’ve always been in awe of mountains. The last year has been quite a rough one. I always find solace in the peace and isolation of the mountains…standing hills is about my time spent traveling through the various mountainous areas I’ve been in over the last year.” 

Today, Towerz shares his latest single, entitled “caverns.” As the title hints at, the song was inspired by Newfoundland’s seaside caverns, which are depicted in the cover art. 

“This song is meant to evoke the feeling of being in a cave,” he shares, “The meandering plucks and smooth chords help emphasize that feeling.”

Since his 2020 debut EP Until Tomorrow, Towerz has amassed over 200 million Spotify streams, releasing projects such as A Bridge Between (with hi jude), At Long Last (with edelwize) and his latest offering Solemn. He’s received strong playlist support from Lofi Girl, including their flagship “beats to relax/study to” playlist (6.7M likes, stream HERE), as well as Spotify’s “lush lofi” editorial (995K likes, stream HERE).

caverns” is available at digital retailers here:

Album Artwork | Download HERE

standing hills Tracklist

01. narrow aisles 

02. caverns 

03. overcast 

04. strange calamity 

05. rolling heaps 

06. moonkin 

07. standing hills 

08. head in the clouds 

09. loom 

10. held in close 

11. over here

Towerz Bio

Towerz is a Massachusetts-based music producer driven by his passion for soothing sounds. Inspired and inspiring, Towerz – both solo and collaborative – frequently creates conceptual and meaningful art. Using live instrumentation as well as field recordings and organic samples to create his original compositions, Towerz is able to allow the listener to immerse in his calming tracks. With influences from both the ambient and folk worlds, one essential part of his musical process is the use of warm chords and organic drums. The result is a laid-back lofi listening experience, expanding the genre one note at a


Photo Courtesy of Nettwerk | Download HERE