Nettwerk Signs Samuel Proffitt; ‘Good Death’ EP coming 6/7       

May 28, 2019 BY Nettwerk

“Proffitt makes marvelously moody music for those who remember how to feel dark-hearted, emoish soul-tronica.” – NOISEY

“Steamy”- FADER

Nettwerk is excited to announce artist and producer Samuel Proffitt has signed to its label roster. On Friday, Proffitt released his latest track “You,” a reprise featuring multi-instrumentalist Crywolf, from his forthcoming June 7th Nettwerk debut Good Death EP.

Samuel, who is in the 3rd year of his PhD at Brown University, has crafted “You,” along with the rest of Good Death, as an artistic case study exploring memory, death, trauma, and fragmentation of self. The songs were written over a period of 4 years, and each piece can be viewed as a vignette, a moment that he felt compelled to capture, distill, and crystalize. Proffitt further explains, “Much of the significance of ‘You’ is drawn from the fact that whether it is heard in the context of the new EP, or as a standalone piece, a multiplicity of meanings and connections can and will surface, some incongruous others complementary, with every new reading strengthening its intertextuality.

Tom Gates, A&R at Nettwerk, was involved in the signing and commented, “I was taken by how effortlessly Sam has pulled off such deep, moving music.   His approach is completely unique and it will be exciting to work with him as he grows a lane of his own making.  We are looking forward to helping Sam grow his vision both musically, as well as with his stunning live show.


Samuel Proffitt grew up in Houston, TX, entrenched in a mix of screamo, punk, indie, folk, and jazz; however, his own music stems from personal writings, poetry, and interest in philosophy, taking the time to learn chords on his guitar in order to express his thoughts in a more sonorous form. Today he continues to challenge genres and musical boundaries and confronts the audience with an acute, weighty deluge of tones and sonic layers allowing a momentary entry into his world, in which the listener is encouraged to question, like the artist himself, what it means to be human. Samuel has been featured in The Fader, Vice, Rolling Stone, Noisey, KCRW, Paste and on Spotify’s Top 50 Viral Songs in the U.S. and Best of Fresh Finds.

Stay tuned for more news from Samuel Proffitt.