Nettwerk Signs PanCake, Lo-Fi Trio with a Filling Sound 

September 30, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Nettwerk Records is thrilled to announce the signing of lo-fi trio PanCake. The Berlin-based group met each other through various studio sessions and quickly bonded over a shared interest in using vintage studio equipment to record samples. 

Today, PanCake releases “Detour” featuring lōland, the second single from their forthcoming six-track EP (details TBD). The song, which arrives with a condiment-themed visualizer, keeps the listener engaged throughout with strong peaks and valleys. “Detour” gives listeners a little bit of everything; featuring jazzy up-tempo horns and knocking drums as well as more subdued portions with soulful keys and laid-back guitar riffs.

“I have always been a big fan of late summer nights,” PanCake shares of the song, “when people would have dinner outside in the streets and whole neighborhoods would meet and enjoy drinks and food. The laid back vibe always led to some really enjoyable long nights. We wanted to capture this block party feeling with this track, a little bit of sampled keys, nice fat bass and some chill brass lines.”

PanCake carries a unique ability to bring specific locations, feelings and even colors to life with each instrumental. The EP was heavily inspired by the circumstances it was recorded in, where everyone longed to return to in-person interaction. PanCake creates the ambiance of a diner on the EP, with each track almost serving as a different point of conversation over the course of a shared meal with friends. Listeners are sure to feel stuffed after taking in the six-track project.

PanCake joins Nettwerk’s expanding roster of instrumental artists, including Oatmello, Nathan Kawanishi, goosetaf, frumhere., Fletcher Reed, Slumberville, and others.

Detour” is available at digital retailers here:

EP ARTWORK | Download here