Nettwerk Lofi Artists w00ds & Naptunes Share New EPs

September 15, 2023 BY Bailey Vigliaturo

Today, Nettwerk shares two EPs from its diverse and prolific community of lofi artists, spread from Los Angeles to the UK to Germany. Norwich producer w00ds delivers a dreamy, downtempo EP, while LA-based producer Ornithology and seasoned German producer Shuko join forces for a jazzy, boom-bap collaborative project Naptunes.

w00ds’ shares his debut project with Nettwerk, an EP entitled The Gaps Between (download cover art HERE). The UK-based producer brings elements of lofi hip-hop with folk and ambient for a truly comforting listening experience. Full of angelic vocal chops, acoustic guitars, and bouncing bass, this six-song release will keep you up in the clouds for days and weeks to come.

The Gaps Between is available at digital retailers here:

Additionally, lofi duo Naptunes, composed of veteran Grammy-nominated German producer Shuko and 20-year-old beatmaker & pianist Ornithology share their debut EP Naptunes (download cover art HERE). The duo have never met each other in person, only collaborating online via the internet from two different parts of the world. The Naptunes project was created as an outlet to fall back in love with music, in a pressure free environment. Every weekend during the summer, Ornithology and Shuko got on Zoom for sessions that lasted hours where they talked about life and made music together.

Naptunes is available at all digital retailers here:

The Gaps Between tracklist

  1. Sunday
  2. Solstice
  3. The Gaps Between
  4. June
  5. Always
  6. Half-Asleep

Naptunes tracklist

  1. Greened Out
  2. Dimmed Lights
  3. Press Play
  4. Bliss (w/ Ornithology)
  5. Couch Surfing (w/ Shuko)