October 21, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Today, Amsterdam-based American lo-fi/chillhop artist Fletcher Reed (aka Andrew Smith) shares his latest EP plainpaperplane in collaboration with Canadian lo-fi duo PANTōNE VU (A + K). The EP marks the two Nettwerk artists’ first collaborative project.

The trio decided that a plain paper plane was the best way to convey the sonics of the project. “Like its liquid namesake, this paper plane is a crisp mix—equal parts kit, Moog, piano and Esquivelishments. Perfect sampled any time of year, alone or with friends.”

plainpaperplane has an unorthodox method of titling its tracks. The long compound word titles allow the trio to bring their senses of humor into the lo-fi space. 

The second track on the EP “tomfillcollins” blends fiction with reality in a compelling way: “A dad joke if there ever was,” the trio shares on the title. “We were trying to capture the unbridled joy of these two guys on hearing “IN THE AIR TONIGHT” for the first time… We ain’t gonna lie, we got pretty close.”

plainpaperplane is available at all digital retailers here:

EP Artwork | Download HERE

plainpaperplane Tracklist:
01. plainpaperplane
02. tomfillcollins
03. piscosourcing
04. gatefoldfashioned


Fletcher Reed, the nom de plume of the Amsterdam-based American music producer Andrew Smith, grew up learning various instruments and playing in different bands at an early age. A few years back, he and a friend took off for Zimbabwe, their first destination on what would become a mostly non-stop journey across several continents for two years. While the trip would influence his perception of the world and its people and cultures, another very specific inspiration revealed itself. Reed’s instrumentals are injected with a specific sense of place and geographic spirit to represent the worldly appreciation he developed while traveling. With the release date for his next project already fast approaching, Fletcher Reed is sure to be a major landmark on the instrumental music map with his consistency and attention to detail.


Chromesthesia (sound-to-color synesthesia) is when sounds automatically and involuntarily evoke an experience of color. Meet PANTōNE VU. PANTōNE VU is a chromesthesia-curious partnership between two musicians looking to explore that intersection of color and sound. The duo recently released a two-part concept series of EPs on Nettwerk Records, The Blue Series and The Orange Series. Blending found sound, live performance and modular synth-tinkering, the EPs explore the many musical trails that exist in the corners of the color spectrum.