Nettwerk Artists At Americana Fest 2019

September 4, 2019 BY Nettwerk


Thursday, September 12 at Exit/Inn (9PM)

Saturday, September 14 at Little Harpeth Brewing (exact time TBD – 2-5PM)

On Friday, The Ballroom Thieves – lead singer and guitarist Martin Earley, cellist Calin Peters and percussionist Devin Mauch – shared “Tenebrist,” the first peek into the socially- and politically-driven collection of songs that will be released in 2020 (details TBA). The Thieves work a special concoction of powerful and harmonious music by combining blues, folk, and rock and roll, while never shying away from topics and ideas they are passionate about.

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Tuesday, September 10 at High Watt (8:30PM)

Eddie Berman recently released “The Match” from his upcoming album Frontiers, out September 20. With Frontiers, Berman surveys himself and the world around him over 11 heartfelt vignettes rooted in his signature fingerpicking style, accompanied by lap steel, double bass, and orchestral percussion. The album, in all its warm yet vibrant production, is inspired by nature, literature, and, of course, the joys and struggles of Berman’s own life. 

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