September 16, 2022 BY Danielle Romeo

Today, singer, songwriter and producer Phillip LaRue releases It All, an EP comprising five songs that see the Nashville-based artist thread together broad strokes of melody accented by experimental nuances and cinematic production. The EP is available everywhere HERE. Last month, LaRue shared a stunning music video for the EP’s title track directed by Nashville’s David O’Donohue (Sasha Sloan, COIN). Watch it HERE.

Sincerity remains one of LaRue’s hallmarks, whether he’s in the spotlight or behind-the-scenes. As a songwriter, he has worked with a slew of renowned artists, including co-writing Tyler Farr’s #1 country smash “Whiskey in My Water,” as well as Jon Pardi’s hit single “Night Shift,” both of which were certified platinum. Most recently, he co-wrote and is featured on electronic pop artist Ocula’s “Green Willow.” He notably garnered a Dove Award in the category of “Song of the Year” for co-writing Tenth Avenue North’s “By Your Side.” Along the way, he landed syncs on shows like Virgin RiverGrey’s AnatomyVampire Diaries, and Nashville to name a few, as well as campaigns for Apple, Volkswagen, McDonald’s, and Dignity Health. Simultaneously, he has shared four fan favorite solo albums, including Let The Road Pave Itself [2009], You [2015], The Meaning [2018], and An Analog Digital Heart [2019].

Collaborating with co-producer and co-writer Andrew Petroff, LaRue carefully crafted what would become It All, taking full advantage of the time off the road. “I didn’t have to rush,” he explains. “With the time, I asked myself, ‘What story do I want to tell?’ I learned a lesson to be still and present in my own story. It really gave me confidence. Andrew also encouraged me to bring parts of my soul and heart into this space.”

His heart beats clearly on lead single “Colors.” Strings give way to sparse piano as his voice barely breaks a whisper on the verses. While the instrumentation swells, his vocals ring out in a luminous release on the refrain, “I’ve never felt a thing like this before.”

“The song itself is about a painful experience when I initially gave up on the idea of love,” he admits. “I fell in love, and it was different from what I expected. ‘Colors’ tries to capture the moment of infatuation and falling. I’m totally lost in the feeling, but I’m found in it as well. It’s the memory when a sunset takes your breath away. It’s how I feel about my wife. I tried to bottle the emotion and put it into a song.”

On “Desert Rose,” airy guitar wraps around a glitchy beat, and he serves up a lyrical homage to his wife, “My desert rose, I love your color. My desert rose, it’s you and no other.

“She was my muse for a few songs on the project,” he explains. “She’s gone through a hard season and dealt with some trauma. We had a conversation about how the level you allow yourself to feel is the level you allow yourself to heal. You have to cry the tears. If you don’t, they’ll stay inside of you. It’s a reminder to her, ‘You don’t have to be perfect to be loved. You just need to be you’. Her imperfections make her beautiful.”

A head-nodding beat adds kinetic energy to title track “It All,” written for LaRue’s sister, Natalie, and nephew, Noah, during a particularly difficult time as a reminder that although life can feel broken, it’s also beautiful. Guitar uplifts an expansive vocal catharsis on the chorus where he urges, “Keep your heart open to it all.”

Whether it be the emotional exhale of “Just Breathe” or the buoyant groove of “Take A Fall,” he locks into a vivid, vulnerable, and vital style of his own.

It All Tracklist:
Desert Rose
It All
Just Breathe
Take A Fall