Nashville Chill-Pop artist Mokita shares “Who’s Gonna Love Me Now?” EP featuring new single “Cure” via Nettwerk

June 23, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Mokita (aka John-Luke Carter), the talented Nashville chill-pop singer-songwriter-producer known for his introspective and emotionally charged music, is back with his latest EPWho’s Gonna Love Me Now? This latest release showcases Mokita’s musical evolution, as he fearlessly ventures into new genres and explores profound themes of self-discovery, dependency, fractured relationships, and the pursuit of happiness.

In “Who’s Gonna Love Me Now?” EP, Mokita beautifully captures the essence of his personal journey through a collection of six heartfelt tracks (five tracks co-written with Trent Dabbs (Kacey Musgraves, NEEDTOBREATHE)). Each track is a snapshot of his introspection, growth, and resilience. Departing from the confines of a singular pop sound, Mokita takes inspiration from various genres spanning from folk and old country to electronic and dance, allowing his creativity to flourish and his music to evolve naturally. With honest storytelling, evocative melodies, and a blend of genres, Mokita continues to enrapture his audience on a deeper level.

Reflecting on his creative process, Mokita shares, “When I first started creating music under Mokita, I felt this weird obligation to make all the music sound the same so it could have a cohesive sound; but I got really burnt out doing that and felt like I was limiting my creativity. One of the main themes of the EP was getting comfortable in your own skin. So much of the way I’ve made music in the past is about trying to be impressive to my listeners and trying to prove something. I realized that this was stealing a lot of joy from making music. I wanted this EP to be more about making music that I liked, and that I thought people could relate to. My music is always very journalistic and so what I write can change year to year depending on where I am in my life. This year has been a lot of self-discoveries, a lot of reflection on the past, and a lot of reflecting on what the future looks like.”

The EP’s lead track, “High,” delves into the complexities of addiction, drawing from Mokita’s experiences and the struggles he has overcome. With revitalizing beats and dynamic production, Mokita intertwines self-observing lyrics with infectious melodies, creating a captivating soundscape. “I Can’t Help Myself” explores the importance of community and friendship during challenging times. Mokita’s vulnerability shines through as he addresses his own mental health struggles and the significance of reaching out for support. Through this track, he encourages listeners to understand that it’s okay to lean on others during times of need.

The title track, Who’s Gonna Love Me Now? paints a vivid picture of starting anew after the end of a significant relationship. Mokita masterfully captures the emotions of letting go, the fear of opening up again, and the path towards healing and self-discovery. On “Overdue,” Mokita presents a simple yet powerful concept of needing a break and seeking new experiences to break free from the monotony of daily life. With real instruments and a seamless production, Mokita’s authenticity shines through, capturing the essence of his spontaneous creative process.

In “Names,” Mokita showcases his songwriting prowess, delving into the intricacies of love and the work required to sustain a relationship beyond the initial honeymoon phase. With heartfelt lyrics and a soulful melody, this track encourages listeners to redefine their understanding of love. Closing the EP with Cure,” the song delves into the search for fulfillment beyond external accomplishments, as Mokita questions the nature of self-worth and explores what truly satisfies the longing in his heart. This contemplative song invites listeners to reflect on their own pursuit of happiness and purpose.

“Who’s Gonna Love Me Now?” EP is available at all digital retailers here:

Mokita – “Who’s Gonna Love Me Now?” EP Tracklist:

1. High

2. I Can’t Help Myself

3. Who’s Gonna Love Me Now?

4. Overdue

5. Names

6. Cure

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