Nashville-Based Singer-Songwriter Dave Thomas Junior Shares New Single “The Hope” 

May 27, 2022 BY Bailey Vigliaturo

Today, Nashville via UK singer-songwriter and producer Dave Thomas Junior shares his soothing new single, “The Hope.” When asked about the track and video he says, “The video (directed and animated by Lauren Huag and produced by Wild Honey Pie) is a retelling of the ancient story of The Tiger and the Strawberry. I loved how the story in the video posed almost the exact opposite situation to the song. In the song we’ve got everything and can’t get over a nagging feeling that it’s all wrong, and in the story our hero has nothing left at all except the moment, which proves enough. They felt like two sides of a whole to me in some way.”


Growing up in Essex, Dave found his love for music early and was supporting global acts like Supergrass by high school. After going to engineering school, he was asked to record The Fountain with Echo & The Bunnymen and then followed the music opportunities to NYC, where he met his now-wife. It was not until Visa issues sent him back to the UK for a brief stint that he started to write love songs about the forced separation which led him to numerous sync placements like Ricky Gervais’ After Life and Atypical.
Stay tuned for more to come from Dave Thomas Junior soon.