Nashville Based Singer-Songwriter Dave Thomas Junior Drops New Single “Guess I’ll See You Around”

November 18, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Nashville based singer-songwriter and producer Dave Thomas Junior releases dreamy new single “Guess I’ll See You Around” today via Nettwerk Music Group. The song tackles the concept of the passing of time and learning to let go. Check out the track HERE and purchase/stream the track HERE.

Dave Thomas Junior has a penchant for creating emotional yet comforting music. “I heard Henry Shukman talking about the first time he had a samadhi type experience, looking at a boat on the horizon as the sun set. I made this song while I was thinking a lot about that, so hopefully it has a tiny drop of that sort of calmness contained in it,” states Dave Thomas Junior about the track’s inspiration.


Growing up in Essex, Dave found his love for music early and was supporting global acts like Supergrass by high school. After going to engineering school, he was asked to record The Fountain with Echo & The Bunnymen and then followed the music opportunities to NYC, where he met his now-wife. It was not until Visa issues sent him back to the UK for a brief stint that he started to write love songs about the forced separation which led him to numerous sync placements like Ricky Gervais’ After Life and Atypical.