Musician & producer Vraell returns with captivating new track ‘fil’ (feat. Jasmïn), listen now

March 15, 2024 BY Emma Orland

Out today, London-based musician and producer Alessio Scozzaro a.k.a Vraell has shared his newest track, the captivating ‘fil’, featuring stunning vocals from rising French artist Jasmïn. Listen in full HERE.

Clocking in under 2 minutes and featuring Vraell’s trademark intricate guitar playing and hypnotic soundscapes, ‘fil’ touches upon the fragile threads that connect us as human beings. It is a love song – a poem written with the most honest intention and presence for the ones we love. The track is the very embodiment of the intangible force that pulls on our hearts and souls, whether it be for travel, love or kinship – it is about the ache to find that sense of presence within yourself, and within it all…

“I wrote this guitar idea a little while ago and Jasmïn reached out with something she’d written for it. The first time I heard the song I knew we had to put it out,” Vraell added. “Her poetry really hit something in me. “There was this poignant delicacy to her stanza, like everything had this effortless weight and authenticity to it. There was no doubt that she had found what she was looking for on her travels, and it really came through. We honestly couldn’t be happier with it.”

‘fil’ is accompanied by a music video, watch here and below. Made by Sandro Gromen-Hayes in Nepal with Jasmïn and her main inspiration for the song – Tharig Tulku Rinpoche – who can be seen in the video with her. “When it comes to the video, it very simply showcases the beauty that shines through the challenges of any relationship, underlining the importance of appreciating each and every moment you have”, she explained.

Vraell – fil (feat Jasmïn):

Jasmïn added further: “For me, the most significant thing is definitely having Tharig Rinpoche featured in this video. He has been recognized as the 7th incarnation of a great master from the Sakyapa lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. Rinpoche has been my greatest inspiration, and my dearest wish is that he inspires many, many more. We have been able to film in Kathmandu, Nepal, and that has also felt and still feels like a full-circle moment.”

fil’ is taken from Vraell’s upcoming new EP due out this year, more details very soon.

About Vraell:

In a world that often feels as though it’s spinning out of control, Vraell offers small moments of tranquillity. He’s an artist who revels in intimacy, the purity of his instincts matched to sublime aspects of emotional connection. His 2023 EP Walls, which featured singles Lull (feat. Rosie H Sullivan)’, ‘Between’, ‘Apparitions‘ and ‘Dominoes’, saw the London-based composer going back to basics – using his well-loved classical guitar, smatterings of electronic production and a thirst for melody, he can construct entire sonic landscapes. A universe to lose yourself in, Vraell is making something that will last.

Citing songwriters and producers such as Hania RaniJose Gonzalez and Ry X as influences on his work, Vraell seeks to blend organic textures with electronic production. “I think the mood and the emotion of a record is really important to me. I know I’ve made something I’m proud of when I’m able to communicate an emotion.”

Working with a purity of intent, Vraell embraced the visual aspects of his work. Drawn to areas of transition – the dipping light of evening, the emerging brightness of a sunrise – he’s also heavily influenced by a love of film, and in particular gaming. “I always need visual stimuli to help inspire me,” he notes. “I’m visually led, in terms of writing. There’s a filmic element to my process, and I enjoy that.”

Vraell’s been rapidly and organically building up an online audience for his poignant, ethereal sounds – songs such as ‘Lull‘ and ‘Between‘ have become viral sensations. His music has been used by the likes of La Liga, BMW, Japanese fashion brand Hues Fukuoka, and BBC Earth in the past year. Near the end of 2023 saw him tour the UK with Scottish singer-songwriter Rosie H Sullivan.

Vraell is currently working on new music to be released throughout 2024.