Musician & Activist Jaguar Jonze Shares “WHO DIED AND MADE YOU KING?”

October 12, 2021 BY Nettwerk


“…nothing short of a manifold visionary” (FLAUNT), the Australian-based singer, producer, songwriter, and multimedia artist Jaguar Jonze (real name Deena Lynch) has dropped the video for new single “WHO DIED AND MADE YOU KING?” (out today via Nettwerk Records). The first piece of new music since her acclaimed ANTIHERO EP (2021), “WHO DIED AND MADE YOU KING?” speaks directly to her ongoing #MeToo advocacy that continues to create lasting change in Australia’s music industry.

“Within a year, we have taken down many notable ‘kings’ or heads at the top of the music industry. This song is to both celebrate that, as well as act as a warning that more downfalls and cleanups are yet to come” – Jaguar Jonze

“WHO DIED AND MADE YOU KING?” is the first step into a new chapter. Over the course of the last year, Jaguar Jonze has become a public vessel for change and accountability. Jaguar Jonze was the only artist-musician invited to the ARIA, APRA AMCOS, and PPCA meeting to address the industry’s widespread issues of sexual assault/harassment. She’s also been the guest speaker at the On My Mind Mental Health and Wellbeing workshop, and at Head First, a music industry conference about mental health and well-being. She’s won the AIR Award for “Outstanding Achievement,” in honor of her work in calling out unacceptable behavior and raising awareness to ensure that all practitioners operate in a safe and respectful environment. Jaguar Jonze continues her advocacy work as part of the Temporary Working Group. As best described in Jaguar Jonze’s words, “the heat that is picking up and fanning those tiny fires into a blaze of reckoning” (Billboard).

Over the past 18 months, Jaguar Jonze has had to precariously balance her art, advocacy, and a prolonged hospital stay recovering from COVID (discussed with Refinery29). The “WHO DIED AND MADE YOU KING?” video is the first opportunity in many years that Jaguar Jonze was able to solely focus on her artistic output.

“In order to fight for a safer environment within the music industry meant that I had to sacrifice my artistry to advocate. With this single, I wanted to take back my power, take back my voice and take back my artistry” – Jaguar Jonze

The video, which was directed, edited, and produced by Jaguar Jonze, shows her side-by-side with 12 Asian-Australian women and GNC folk. All dressed in various nude shades, the vision represents the vulnerability and strength that coexists within the female body and form.