Mumbai-Born, Australia-Based ASH LUNE Signs To Nettwerk, Releases Debut EP + New Video  

June 17, 2022 BY Danielle Romeo

Today, Mumbai-born, Brisbane-based artist Ash Lune releases her debut EP, Broken Science Experiments, which was produced and co-written with Tom Eggert (Sloane Peterson, Vancouver Sleep Clinic), mixed by Mark Rankin (QOTSA, Adele), and mastered by Chris Gehringer at Sterling Sound New York.

Says Ash Lune of the EP: “When I was writing this EP , I felt an excruciating amount of pressure to introduce and define myself with this project. As I kept writing, I realised that you can’t let a piece of art define you, even if it’s your own. Since change is inevitable, your art will change with you. It was easier to be honest and vulnerable after that. By the end of the EP, I realised I was at yet another beginning. All I can say is, this is only one beginning.”

A highlight of the EP is the focus single “Sleepwalk,” a breathtakingly beautiful ballad which comes along with a timeless music video. Watch it HERE.

Since her appearance on the music scene in 2021, Ash Lune has won fans from the likes of Notion, The Forty-Five, Rolling Stone India, DIY and more. Her music has received airplay from across the world including Jack Saunders at Radio 1 UK and Los Angeles’ influential KCRW.

Ash Lune is an old soul. With her serene, verdant, piano-led pop songs, the burgeoning star wants to take listeners back to a simpler time of being, an era of plaintive love songs and aching hearts, of deftly written paeans to heartbreak and classicist, deeply felt balladry. Hearkening back to the easy song craft of indie icons like Ben Gibbard as well as the evocative timelessness of contemporaries like Lana Del Rey and Lorde, Lune is the perceptive new voice of an anxious generation in need of calm. “I want to be a time machine,” she says, “I want to take people back to the early-2000s, the era of some of the most beautiful love songs ever written.”

Lune has always known she was put on this earth to sing beautiful, diaphanous love songs. Born in Mumbai, India, musicality is in the 23-year-old’s veins. Every member of her family can play an instrument and sing perfectly on key, and her older brother taught her to sing from the moment she could make a noise. As she grew up, Lune became an avid listener, a quiet student of the modern classics she and her brother would scour the internet for in the early-2000s — artists like Two Door Cinema Club, Avril Lavigne, Iron & Wine, and Bon Iver, whose variety and artistic integrity helped Lune develop her own sense of style and passion. Where some artists pre-emptively seek centre stage, Lune always waited and listened, quietly building her own artistry through observing perfect melodies and brilliant, poetic lyricism.

Although deeply contemporary, there’s a timelessness to Lune’s music that belies its creator’s tender years. Across her music, Lune excavates the deepest recesses of her heart in order to create music that speaks to everyone, across seas, across cultures, and across all walks of life. “This is for anyone who’s going through a hard time,” Lune says, “Or going through a breakup, or who doesn’t know what they’re doing with their lives.” In other words: this is music for everyone.
Broken Science Experiments is just the beginning for Ash Lune, with plenty more on the way.


Download EP Art HERE