Multifaceted Electro-Folk Singer-Songwriter Portair Shares “Lost In The Dark”       

November 3, 2021 BY Nettwerk

Today, alternative singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, graphic designer/artist, and producer Portair shares the official video for his retrospective new single, “Lost In The Dark.”  The video features him wandering the abandoned halls of a cathedral while contemplating his religious upbringing.

He explains, “This song is written particularly about my childhood and my youth. I was raised in a very conservative and religious household, views I do not share now. It was written in a time where I felt so frustrated that I now have to learn and deal with things like depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and all the difficulties that come with that, from an upbringing that I had no control over. It is about my anger towards a lack of education in mental health and a cult-like teaching to live in fear or you will go to hell. It’s about feeling lost in the dark.



The track is off his upcoming sophomore EP, The Light That Breaks, out January 14th. A renewed search for meaning drove much of his first EP, The Light That Gives, released this summer.  With The Ice that Breaks, he’s moved on from a breakup with organized religion to making up for lost time. “I wanted them to feel somewhat connected—not two separate bodies of work,” says the singer/songwriter/producer. “’The Light That Gives’ is the sun that grows a plant from a seed. ‘The Ice That Breaks’ is where all of a sudden you reach a certain age and wonder, how do I live my best life with what I’ve got?”  

As a songwriter and a producer, his songs and scores have appeared on networks such as Netflix, NBC, MTV, and CBS, but those were merely experimentations. He elaborates, “When I moved to LA, I wanted to start something organic. This project is all my passions I can express in one cohesive art form.”

Portair will be joining Liz Longley on three of her November tour dates. List of dates below. Stay tuned for more to come from Portair soon.

Tour Dates:

11/14  Vienna, VA             Jammin Java

11/16  Richmond, VA        Tin Pan

11/17 Charlotte, NC          Evening Muse