Multifaceted Alternative Singer-Songwriter Portair Shares Debut EP       

June 25, 2021 BY Nettwerk

Tomorrow, Alternative singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, graphic designer/artist, and producer Portair releases his debut EP, The Light That Gives. The record is an alluring introduction to the Sydney-born and Los Angeles-based storyteller, whose earthy folk-pop wades through life’s pain to discover its harmony. The record explores themes of nostalgia, childlike excitement, and curiosity through the lens of Portair’s personal struggles with depression, chronic pain, and upheaval.

He also shares the official video for the unreleased single “Fold.” The video is the second part a story that began in his “I Didn’t Love You” video and takes the viewer on an emotional journey into the night. When asked about the track he said, “I wrote this song about realizing what I didn’t want or need in my life, that had been built into me from my early days of being a child. It’s specifically about religion and a certain way of thinking which ultimately ruined a big part of my life. I had never stepped away from what I had been told and searched the answers for myself. This song is about stepping into the ‘cold’, the unknown territory of the world, but trusting that it’s the right thing because there is no way I can go back into the ‘fold’ from which I came. This is about faith in yourself, walking into the wilderness with fervor and knowing that the only way is forward, not backwards.


As a songwriter and a producer, his songs and scores have appeared on networks such as Netflix, NBC, MTV, and CBS, but those were merely experimentations. He elaborates, “When I moved to LA, I wanted to start something organic. This project is all my passions I can express in one cohesive art form.” Stay tuned for more to come from Portair soon.