December 2, 2022 BY Jason Currell

This Friday, rising producer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer Nathan Kawanishi shares his new album Iconoclasm (Thesis) via Nettwerk.

Iconoclasm (Thesis) follows the California-based artist on a day in Tokyo, a city he describes as his home away from home. In constructing the 8-track album, Kawanishi made a point of pushing back against what he views as an over-romanticization of Japan in the media. The album instead focuses on the mundane aspects of life in Japan, which is what enchanted him about the country to begin with. This exploration of the ordinary builds on past tracks in Kawanishi’s discography, such as Hatagaya Greenways and “Views from Yamashita Park.

“This album is a bit of a soundtrack for random everyday things I do [in Tokyo], or for some memory I have,” he says. “While they may be specifically mine, these memories are general enough to be shared by others—or perhaps remind you of some of your own memories.”

On the narrative of the album, Kawanishi explains: It begins in the morning and ends after midnight. The overall vibe shifts around as the album progresses, as I experience different things at different times—in the morning, the songs are light and joyous; in the afternoon, groggy and calm; in the evening, darker and more energetic.”

Iconoclasm (Thesis) is available at digital retailers here:


Intro to Disorder


Subject to Change

Romanticizing the Ordinary

Butterfly Effect

Waves & Particles



Untenable Certainty

Photo Credit: Brad Dell | Download HERE