January 24, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Hayden Everett crossed the pond and holed up in London where he drafted the framework of what would become Silver Line. In between writing, he backpacked alone through the Slovenian Alps, explored the French Alps, and trekked through the Faroe islands. For the first time, he opted to self-produce, finishing up the record in San Diego and Nashville.

“I was filling the tank, so I would have stories to tell,” he notes. “The music was inspired by what I was seeing and doing. There was a lot of creating and a lot of living.

About Hayden: 

Hayden Everett embraces change in his music. The California singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer infuses cinematic soundscapes with pensive, poetic, and personal observations as if chronicling his growth in real-time over a soundtrack of indie and alternative laced with just the right amount of jazz.

Everett unveiled his self-titled debut EP in 2019, followed by 2021’s Kennecott EP. After generating millions of streams and earning widespread acclaim from Wonderland.Atwood MagazineThe Line of Best FitOnes To Watch, and more, he catalogs a season of growth on his upcoming EP, Silver Line  [Nettwerk Music Group].

“I’ve changed a lot this year,” he affirms. “I feel things more deeply. My quest is for people to hear my music and feel more human. I have more questions now, which is good. I know that I know less. It’s important to think more. I’ve figured out how to live in a way that fosters growth.”