Mountain Bird Shares “Too Blue”From Upcoming EP ‘Once We Were Present’ (Out April 2) 

February 12, 2021 BY Nettwerk


Swedish singer-songwriter and producer Mountain Bird (aka Adam Öhman) reveals “Too Blue,” the latest single to be taken from his forthcoming new EP Once We Were Present (out April 4 via Nettwerk Records).

Once We Were Present marks Öhman’s continuing growth as an introspective songwriter who enjoys exploring the human condition just as much as making people dance. The EP’s powerful lyrics symbolize how internet addiction is fueled by its users’ insecurity, and he hopes that his music can act as a sort of “group therapy” for listeners. Yet, the EP is not an anti-internet statement. “The colors and the community that the internet gives us are beautiful things, and I wanted that joy to come across in the music too. This EP is about showing all of the different sides of the internet in the hope that it will make people make much more informed decisions about their relationship with it.

So many people have this abusive relationship with social media, which takes over their lives just like a regular drug addiction does,” the artist explains. “With this new EP, I wanted to question whether it currently has too big of a grip over our lives. I hope these songs show people that the internet is a tool we must respect and that we shouldn’t be embracing at the expense of enjoying our youth.

“Too Blue” looks at the recent downward spiral in the world’s mental health, particularly about humanity’s relationship with technology. The song tackles the often taboo subject of being privileged and depressed. It looks at how we often look to remedy our situations through material means instead of talking to each other.

With an expansive, airy soundscape of stereo bouncing synths, cavernous drums, and interjecting hand claps and clicks, in “Too Blue,” Mountain Bird focuses on creating space, allowing the listener to focus on his vulnerable vocals, delivering lyrics that cut to the chase.

Addressing the feelings of isolation with “I’ve been so blue, and I’m ashamed for it,” and how simply being human makes us all susceptible to struggling with our mental health “Don’t you know that I’ve got pain like you,” the song lifts into its buoyant chorus with the chant-like line “But I’m too blue,” laying in contrast to the song’s bodacious upbeat nature.

Mountain Bird said: “‘Too Blue’ is about being vulnerable. I noticed growing up, and growing forward from 22 to 27, is the power in people being vulnerable together. I know I can help people by talking about depression, so that’s my driver in doing all of this! I really love it when my music prompts my fans to open up about their problems too.”

Mountain Bird’s previous single, “It Won’t Be Easy,” premiered on Clash Magazine, hailing the track as “Sharply melodic but with heart-tugging inflections.” Another track from the forthcoming EP, “Terrified of Love” also attracted strong critical acclaim, receiving a premiere from NOTION, who said: “With a strong sense of his creative vision and a mind that has a lot to say, we are looking forward to seeing what comes next from the refreshing Swedish artist.

Mountain Bird (aka Adam Öhman) released his last EP in January 2020, DearBrainLetMeSleep was a detailed and honest insight into the life of someone battling with their mental health, a journey through lush electronic soundscapes and alluring synth textures. It marked the start of a new chapter sonically for the artist, who previously recorded either instrumentals or using guest vocalists. At the forefront of his own music, Mountain Bird has created the kind of moody, millennial pop that can define a generation.

“Too Blue” is out now at digital retailers, click here:

Track List:

  1. Modern Man
  2. Too Blue
  3. Terrified of Love
  4. Something Wrong with my Mind
  5. It Won’t Be Easy