Mountain Bird Shares “Modern Man”; Watch Here

September 25, 2020 BY Nettwerk


Swedish singer, songwriter and producer Mountain Bird (aka Adam Öhman) has revealed a brand new song, “Modern Man,” a stark yet uplifting portrait of life today. The song is the first to be taken from a forthcoming EP, which focuses on mental health in modern technologically fast-moving societies.

“Modern Man” sees Mountain Bird capture the desolate zeitgeist of our times, the lyrics touching everything from capitalism (“I’m drinking Coke to hydrate”) to social media-induced depression (“It’s gotten into my head, my favorite drug is confirmation”) and even comments on the prevalence of mass shootings in the US.

“It’s not a hate song to capitalism or growth, it’s more of an acknowledgment that we need to stay informed and humble in order to prevent the greediness of human beings taking over.” explains Mountain Bird, “People with power need to share. People with anger need to listen. If we can get this conversation to flow on a regular basis, we can all see money and material privilege as something that we have created for ourselves…a piece of paper shouldn’t decide if you get help when you’re sick or not.

In defiance of its powerful message, “Modern Man” boasts a euphoric soundscape incorporating elements of drum & bass with modern electronic pop. “I wanted to build an instrumental that was more uplifting and energetic in contrast to the serious pounding of modern society in the lyrics,” explains Mountain Bird, “We can dance ourselves to change instead of fighting.”

The song is accompanied by a video, which Mountain Bird co-directed with Erik Ögnelooh.  It is the first of a five-part video series that addresses how technology and being ‘plugged-in’ affects our mental health.

In ‘Modern Man’ we wanted to discuss the greediness of our basic needs that nowadays is totally amped up to the maximum with all apps and endorphins roaming free. We always want more, but sooner or later it will all back-fire on us,” Mountain Bird explains.  “The video is me having a bad dream and being exposed to that backlash. You see me choking myself and dragging myself along since we think it’s important to highlight that everyone is part of the problem. I also appear fighting with someone or something, but I’ve been fighting with myself all along. Because it’s basically your own kind of intentions or goals with social media that makes it bad or good. Not the tool itself.

Mountain Bird released his last EP in January, DearBrainLetMeSleep was a detailed and honest insight into the life of someone battling with their mental health, a journey through lush electronic soundscapes and alluring synth textures. It marked the start of a new chapter sonically for the artist, who previously recorded either instrumental or using guest vocalists. Now at the forefront of his own music, Mountain Bird has created the kind of moody, millennial pop which can define a generation.

More information about Mountain Bird’s new EP will be announced soon.