Minneapolis Indie Wunderkind Landon Conrath Shares the Emotive New Single “Broken”

April 14, 2023 BY Jason Currell

After making a splash with his 2022 debut album Nothing Matters Anyway, Minneapolis indie-pop artist Landon Conrath returns with an emotive new single “Broken.” Landon’s become known for anthemic guitar-pop and high energy live shows, but here he settles things down. “Broken” embraces a minimalist approach with pensive lyrics about uncertainty and betrayal. Despite the change of pace, Landon still delivers a catchy chorus for fans to sing along.

Listen to “Broken” on all digital retailers (here)

Landon explains more about the song: “I feel like this song might be the beginning of my flop era. The most recent year of my life has been characterized by the never-ceasing dullness behind my eyelids that screams that there’s something massively wrong with me. Time after time, something seems to fly completely awry and the only common denominator is that I have zero clue what to do with myself other than flee the scene as quickly as possible. The song sounds like it’s about a romantic relationship, but it’s not. It came about when a friend hurt my feelings without even trying at a coffee shop. I felt so stupid about being hurt that I just wanted to leave everything I’ve ever known and run away in that moment just to prove a point, and maybe even hurt their feelings in return. I just felt completely broken and alone. Those feelings spilled over so much into the production of the song. It feels pensive and determinedly somber, almost as if I’ve made up my mind that I’ll forever feel this way. A singular guitar carries the song’s mood, bringing me back to my comment about my self-inflicted flop era. There are no drums in this song! Fast-paced drums have been the only thing any music blog has ever mentioned after listening to one of my songs, and they’re non-existent. So if this is truly the beginning of the end of my career, at least you heard it from me.”

In addition to the song, Landon shares a lyric video with animations by Nael Kaligis. The song signals more new music from the artist who has been busy on the road performing headline shows and support dates alongside Windser and Yam Haus. Find the full list of tour dates below.


Landon Conrath Tour Dates:

Apr 14 – Houston, TX @ House of Blues

Apr 15 – Dallas, TX @ Sundown at Granada

Apr 19 – Indianapolis, IN @ Hi-Fi

Apr 21 – Detroit, MI @ PJ’s Lager House

Apr 23 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Club Café

Apr 25 – Vienna, VA @ Jammin Java

Apr 27 – Philadelphia, PA @ Milkboy

Apr 28 – Cambridge, MA @ The Red Room at Café 939

Apr 29 – New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge

**Supporting Yam Haus**


“…Conrath’s breezy indie-pop songs are catchy and ultimately uplifting, keeping true to his personal style.”

– MSP Magazine

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 – The Current

“…writing catchy hooks… the 23-year-old Minnesotan has music in his bones…”

– MN Daily

“A palpable energy reflecting a quick heartbeat and reminiscent memories of driving recklessly with friends.”

– Early Rising

“…the singer-songwriter and producer brings a refreshing and optimistic approach to the alt-pop spectrum.”

– Staged Haze

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Since making his debut in 2020, drummer-turned-songwriter Landon Conrath’s distinctive hook-laden guitar-pop has become a viral sensation leading to millions of streams and high-energy sold-out performances across his hometown in the Midwest and beyond. 2022 saw the release of his debut full-length, Nothing Matters Anyway, an 8-song expression of the growing pains of youth and all the pitfalls that come with it. The release received attention from The CurrentMSP MagazineMinnesota DailyEarly Rising, and more, cementing the 23-year-old as a leading voice to emerge from the Minneapolis indie scene. He’s written and produced alongside fellow Minnesota musicians like Jake Luppen of Hippo Campus and toured the world as the music/production director for fellow Minnesota indie-pop artist Ber. Primed for a big 2023, Landon is currently on the road performing support dates with Yam Haus and Windser, with more to come.