Minneapolis Indie Pop Singer-Songwriter nobody likes you pat Signs To Nettwerk; Listen To “one day before i die”       

March 11, 2022 BY Danielle Romeo

Nettwerk is happy to announce the signing of Minneapolis-based songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist nobody likes you pat with the release of his first single, “one day before i die,” available everywhere tomorrow (here). The song glides along on acoustic guitar punctuated by harmonica as he asks, “Only God knows when it’s finally time. What if I had one day before I die?” It is the first release from his upcoming debut full-length, details to follow.

“What would you do with 24 hours left?” Pat Kiloran of nobody likes you pat says. “It makes you think of what you really care about. We get so caught up in work and all of these things society has placed value on. If you were going to die tomorrow, you’d probably spend time with your family and the people closest to you. So, don’t waste your time. It’s valuable. What you do and your relationships matter.”

Listen To + Share “one day before i die” Here:

Pat grew up in St. Paul, MN, with detours in Canada, Los Angeles, and Nashville. Along the way, he launched a career in audio production for film and television and eventually founded and fronted pop-rock band Milkk. Touring coast-to-coast, the group built buzz, generating millions of streams, garnering media acclaim, and landing countless music placements with ABC, CBS, NBC, and Disney. Once COVID hit, he admits, “It felt the right time do something else.” So, his family packed up their home in Nashville and moved back to Minnesota. Writing and recording in his attic, he introduced nobody likes you pat via the independent now that I’m here, i feel like myself EP and spinning EP in 2021. “I began the process for the album after I moved,” he states. “I was in the same environment I grew up in, but it was a new city ten years later. Everything felt more peaceful. Being here allowed me to find my identity. I tried to create music in a way that felt like a good reflection of who I am and what I’m trying to say.”

nobody likes you pat joins Nettwerk’s expanding label roster, which also includes Mallrat, Wrabel, Wild Rivers, Rosie Darling, Mokita and others. Stay tuned for more news and music from nobody likes you pat.

download single art here