Minneapolis Guitar-Pop Artist Landon Conrath Releases New EP ‘I’m Alive… So It’s Fine’

September 29, 2023 BY Emma Orland

Today, Minneapolis guitar-pop artist Landon Conrath releases a new EP, I’m Alive… So It’s Fine, his most ambitious project to date. Landon incorporates experimental production techniques into his pop songwriting with lyrics that open up about his anxiety and insecurities. Listen to I’m Alive… So It’s Fine on all digital retailers (here).

 “Already Dead” is a perfect example of Landon working with new ways of writing and he opens up about an unlikely spark of inspiration:

“I never really got super deep into Taylor Swift, (besides fearless when I was in high school for whatever reason) but when I saw that Bon Iver was featured on her Folklore record I immediately dove into the album and ended up really enjoying it. I remember seeing an interview that she did about that album where she talked about the song “the last great american dynasty”. She basically just talked about how with this album, and with that song in particular, she was really leaning into storytelling of fictional characters. I was mind-blown when I heard that quote from her, I had always had this idea in my head that all my songs had to be original experiences. It felt so freeing to understand that I could create my own little word with my songs and that they didn’t necessarily have to be entirely fact or fiction. This song goes through the story of a doomed relationship and I pieced together stories from my own life with complete works of fiction to bring the song to its final stage. Thanks to Taylor Swift for inspiring me I guess, I hope one day maybe she’ll hear this song.”

Listen and Share Landon Conrath “Already Dead” Here:

I’m Alive… So It’s Fine includes Landon’s new collaboration with fellow Minnesota rising star Ber on “Funeral Home,” and singles “Deep End,” “November,” and “Broken,” which have seen positive reviews from Ones to Watch, Minnesota Public Radio, EARMILK, and more.

On the back of his debut album, Nothing Matters Anyway, and after nearly a year of touring with artists like Yam Haus, Windser, and Ber, Minneapolis songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Landon Conrath is gearing up to release his EP I’m Alive… So It’s Fine. Unsurprisingly, fans are already singing along to recent singles like “Broken” word for word. As the song title suggests, the EP was born out of an explosive writing period during a tumultuous time for Landon. “The entire project came from a singular, but painful, experience,” says Landon. And while “it wasn’t cool to go through” the power that it gives to the work is evident in every song.

What you will recognize in I’m Alive… So It’s Fine is Landon’s distinct sound of hook-based indie-pop. His smooth vocals, deeply personal lyrics, signature melodies, and simple but ear-sticking beats have defined his style and drawn in listeners by the millions. But like all happy accidents that gleam their iconic meaning in retrospect, it wasn’t a conscious choice. “Your sound should be what’s available to you,” says Landon, “Initially, we didn’t have enough mics to record drums, so we used samples. It was a crutch at first, and now it defines my sound.” Since those early sessions, Landon’s production skills have evolved with intricate layers and experimental vocal effects. “November” juxtaposes glitchy electronic trills with earthy acoustics and a bouncing bass riff. Lyrically, Landon unpacks an uncertain relationship and feelings of regret – a theme that runs through the project.

While many artists, understandably hunger for viral moments and streaming playlists, Landon is concerned about building a community. It’s no wonder, then, that his goal of being an artist who can move thousands of tickets wherever he goes is quickly becoming a reality. That’s not to say that he isn’t also pulling numbers. Landon’s first run of Nothing Matters Anyway vinyl sold out in one hour. He has over 200k views on YouTube, his single “2AM” is now past 11 million streams on Spotify, and he’s got over 3 million monthly streams. He’s also received critical acclaim from Ones to Watch, The Current, MPLS Magazine, MN Daily, Variance Magazine, and many more.

“…Indie-pop’s hook aficionado… moves with the distinct melancholic fluidity of Midwest-folk-emo-adjacent-pop, cycling through a constant melody that contrasts and supports the vocal simultaneously.”
– Ones to Watch

“…Conrath’s breezy indie-pop songs are catchy and ultimately uplifting, keeping true to his personal style.”
– MSP Magazine

Song of the Day
– The Current

“…writing catchy hooks… the 23-year-old Minnesotan has music in his bones…”
– MN Daily

“A palpable energy reflecting a quick heartbeat and reminiscent memories of driving recklessly with friends.”
– Early Rising

Download EP Album Artwork Here

Track List:
1) Falling To Pieces
2) Deep End
3) November
4) Broken
5) Funeral Home (feat. Ber)
6) Already Dead