meija Shares New Track & Video “POSSUM” Featuring EELS

November 17, 2023 BY Bailey Vigliaturo

Today, beloved indie-rock band Eels join young Los Angeles artist and producer meija on his new single, “POSSUM.” The song’s jangly rhythm meets the fuzzy guitars and production of 90s alt-rock, while the witty official video, which stars E of Eels, throws back to the dry humor of the cult classic film Office Space. The track is the first new single from meija since his debut album, Do Ya?, was released earlier this year. Since then, 30-year-old musical mastermind Jamie Sierota has been busy in the studio co-writing with artists like JAWNY, Hand Habits, and Charly Bliss.

When asked about “POSSUM,” meija explains, “It is a song about trying to face the things that you feel like you haven’t been ready to face. I’ve been guilty of ‘playing dead’ with emotions. Thinking that I’ve worked through something only to realize that maybe I just went through the motions and I’m not really past it. With the video, I was trying to capture what it feels like to be stuck in something that doesn’t serve you, and the moment when you finally recognize that and choose a different path forward. Sometimes we need a little push. It could be as simple as a sudden realization or as wild as an almost mystical computer game that takes over the system and speaks to you directly. Being a huge Eels fan, I’m still pinching myself that E was into the song and wanted to lend his vocals. He puts in a great performance in the video, and it was such a blast having a moment of improv dialog with him.”

E of Eels adds, “My dog Bundy has been chasing squirrels for seven years and has never actually caught one. Recently I was out on the back porch when he suddenly yanked a possum by the tail right off a tree. The possum died immediately and was already covered in flies. Bundy lost interest and went inside to brag to his sister that he was now a bonafide killer. I went inside to get gloves and a trash bag so I could attend to the grisly task of disposing of the possum carcass. I googled ‘what to do when your dog kills a possum’ and the first thing on the list was ‘make sure it isn’t playing possum.’ I went outside and the possum had vanished. I’d been had. A possum’s ability to completely shut down their systems is so convincing it even fools the flies. But most importantly, Bundy didn’t see the possum come back from the dead so he can maintain his swagger and bragging rights. When I got the call the next day to be part of meija’s ‘Possum’ song it felt right. I had to say yes.”  


His 2023 debut albumDo Ya?, is a clever, hazy, indie-rock journey into the mind of Jamie Sierota. Having launched his career at age 15 in the hit pop band Echosmith, Sierota had to start over again in his early twenties when he stepped away from the sibling band to get married and start his own family in Los Angeles. He then spent the better part of the last decade establishing himself as a writer and producer, eventually working with artists like Charly Bliss, Adam Lambert, Aly & AJ, JAWNY, and Quinn XCII. Do Ya? was recorded after being inspired by The Beatles’ documentary and digging into his vinyl collection. He decided he wanted to relearn how to write and record in a completely analog fashion and, for the first time in his career, was able to make exactly the record that he wanted to make without any exterior influences. He has gained him a loyal fan following with over 20 million streams worldwide and praise from outlets like Flood, EarmilkComplexLadygunnKCRW, and more.