meija Creates “MAGIC” With JAWNY; Watch The Video Now

February 2, 2024 BY Bailey Vigliaturo

Los Angeles artist and producer meija is a frequent collaborator who has spent the last few years in his home studio with artists like JAWNY, Hand Habits, and Charly Bliss. After working on music for JAWNY for several years, the two finally decided to switch things around and have JAWNY join in on a meija track. The result is truly “MAGIC,” a rolling narrative rhythmically almost spoken over steady drums, blissed-out guitar, and synths.


meija explains, “’MAGIC’ is probably the most autobiographical song I’ve ever written. Verse 1 basically sums up the last ten years of my life. At its core, it’s a song about trying to find the beauty in the everyday. Even in my hardest times, there’s always been something good. I just haven’t always looked for it. I’ve worked with JAWNY a lot and I played him ‘MAGIC’ when we were in the studio one day, and we started talking about the song and what magic meant to him. It then felt like an obvious choice to put that conversation we just had in the song with a verse sung by him.”

JAWNY adds, “Me and meija have worked together on music together for years now and it was inevitable that one day we would do something together. We had a loose idea that we were gonna collaborate on a song together for the next Meija record but nothing had happened naturally yet. One day while in the studio on a break, I asked Jamie if he wouldn’t mind sharing some song ideas from his next record with me. The second I heard the first bounce idea of magic, I knew this was the song we needed to collaborate on.”

“MAGIC” follows his recent track “POSSUM,” which featured the beloved indie-rock band EELS and was shared by StereogumFlood, and more. His 2023 debut album Do Ya?, is a clever, hazy, indie-rock journey into the mind of Jamie Sierota. Having launched his career at age 15 in the hit pop band  Echosmith, Sierota had to start over again in his early twenties when he stepped away from the sibling band to get married and start his own family in Los Angeles. He then spent the better part of the last decade establishing himself as a writer and producer, eventually working with artists like Charly Bliss, Adam Lambert, Aly & AJ, JAWNY, and Quinn XCII.  Do Ya? was recorded after being inspired by The Beatles’ documentary and digging into his vinyl collection. He decided he wanted to relearn how to write and record in a completely analog fashion and, for the first time in his career, was able to make exactly the record that he wanted to make without any exterior influences. He has gained him a loyal fan following with over 20 million streams worldwide and praise from outlets like Flood, Earmilk ComplexLadygunnKCRW, and more.