September 29, 2023 BY Bailey Vigliaturo

Austin-born, Nashville-based multi-instrumentalist and lyrical architect Max Frost announces his new EP Shelby Ave., Pt. 1, with new single “Cig in the Morning.” The EP is the first part of a larger body of work coming later this year. Fans can get a sneak peak of what’s to come at Max’s Nashville show on October 20th at The East Room – more info here.

Max wrote and recorded in a house on Shelby Ave in Nashville, hence the name of the EP, and creatively realized his own vision. Max’s move from LA to Nashville earlier this year reinvigorated a fire in him and ultimately inspired this project; this body of work has a different, vulnerable, more alternative sound.

All the songs on the EP and Max’s outlook on life come from a cynical place, one where he is ready for disappointment, yet still manages to remain at peace.

“It’s easy to be cynical. You can find yourself expecting too little out of life to ever give it a real chance because you’re waiting for the letdown. The real artform is remaining sane amidst all of it. Most of these songs are written about something that’s melancholic or dark, but they’re still trying to land in a beautiful place without bastardizing the truth. This music represents exactly how I feel about my life at this time,” says Max.

These same themes are seamlessly woven throughout “Cig in the Morning,” with its propulsive guitar and swaggering beat lighting up the track. On the hook, a sensation of confusion glows like embers at the end of the day’s first smoke.

“It evokes the whole spirit of the EP,” he exclaims. “It’s very much about the balance between wanting the answers and meaning in your life, yet knowing these things will forever be out of reach. You have all these questions, yet you’re just a person sitting on the porch with a cigarette.”

Max Frost walks a fine line between exhibiting childlike excitement during the creative process as a producer and multi-instrumentalist and lyrically embracing a tried-and-tested perspective as a seasoned songwriter. As such, the sonic outlier breaks the rules (and the walls) between sounds and vibes, delivering a fiery, fascinating, and free interpretation of what pop music can be in the 21st century.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

October 7th – Denim on the Diamond Festival,  Kelowna, BC

October 20th – The East Room, Nashville, TN

More About Max Frost:

Max grabbed a guitar at the age of eight and never put it down. He achieved his first taste of virality with singles “White Lies” and “Adderall,” paving the way for his full-length debut Gold Rush in 2018. The standout “Good Morning” scored a slew of syncs, including Pepsi, ESPN, CBS, Shameless, Grey’s AnatomyThe War With Grandpa, and American Idol. He emerged as the rare presence who could share the stage with artists including Gary Clark, JR. and Fitz and The Tantrums or Panic! At The Disco and Twenty One Pilots. Between packing headline shows, he delivered show-stopping performances on Good Morning America and Live! With Kelly and Ryan. He even found himself in the studio with none other than Sir Elton John. His sudden TikTok stardom (500k followers) also shines a light on a different talent of Max’s charming, idiosyncratic use of short-form content, personality, and pure musical talent. 

2022 saw him elevate again with the Flying Machines EP. Atwood Magazine praised the latter as “a freshly independent, free-spirited return that soars with irresistible energy, unbridled passion, and intimate, captivating wonder, while American Songwriter applauded his “playful, poignant psychedelic pop fusion.” In the wake of the project, he escaped Los Angeles and put down roots in Nashville. Stay tuned Shelby Ave., Pt. 1…