Massachusetts Duo Handsome Ghost Shares New Single/Music Video “Call Me When You’re Pulling Up” Via Nettwerk

January 13, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Comprised of singer/songwriter Tim Noyes and multi-instrumentalist/producer Eddie Byun, Massachusetts duo Handsome Ghost communes in a creative call-and-response, answering each other’s personal and musical confessions, thoughts, and questions sonically. Underpinned by these two perspectives, the music tempers otherworldly production with organic performances, raw arrangements, and nostalgic warmth with future-facing wonder.

Today, Handsome Ghost shares their new single “Call Me When You’re Pulling Up” via Nettwerk. A blend of upbeat sonics and soft cadences, the band finds the ideal balance of something wholly sentimental. The driving rhythm is propelled by a warm, melancholic soundscape that showcases intricate elements of shoegaze-y guitars interlaced with indie-meets-folk sprinkled rock. Narratively, the song is an exercise in self-reflection, thinking inwardly, and a call to action to pull oneself out of the gutters of feeling unrecognizable to themselves.   

Of the new track, Handsome Ghost recounts, “‘Call Me When You’re Pulling Up’ is a song about being down and out – about looking around and realizing that you don’t really recognize where, or who, you are anymore. And it’s a plea to the one person who you think can pull you out of it all and bring you back to what you were before, back when everything was different. There’s a desperation to the whole thing but I wouldn’t say it’s entirely full of defeat. There’s still an element of hope within the song – that things will get better, in time.


Accompanied by a music video directed by lead singer Tim Noyes’ brother, Nick Noyes, the cinematic visuals and satirical narrative are inspired by the likes of A24 films. In the video, a giant, analog phone chases the protagonist in a remote area, mirroring the ripple effects of false self-presentation displayed on social media. Director Nick Noyes shares this about the visuals, “To me the video is taking a large idea of the dangers of social media and boiling it down to its simplest form, a tongue-in-cheek horror movie with a phone as the villain. The video explores the ‘insta vs reality’ and the role technology has on our lives through a campy lens. The protagonist (played by the fantastic Jessica Morgan) can never quite get away from the phone as it filters and changes her look while forcing her to perform for the camera.”

“Call Me When You’re Pulling Up” follows a trio of 2022 singles including Figure 8,” Heaven Isn’t Long For You,” and Neptune.” “Figure 8” is a darker effort from the band about a fictional day with Elliot Smith and pays homage to the artist’s final full-length album of the same name. The dark lyrics and 90s-style electric guitar underpin the moody feeling of the track. Heaven Isn’t Long For You,” which was accompanied by Nolan Englund’s directed music video, sets the tone with a delicate twang, layers of mandolin tracks, and acoustic and electric guitars that are perfectly tailored for a campfire sing along. On the narrative home front, “Heaven Isn’t Long For You” bleeds into a diaristic tone, lyrics woven with the idea of an idyllic habitat that seems so close yet couldn’t be further away.

Handsome Ghost reemerged in late last summer with the release of “Neptune,” their first new music since 2020’s Some Still Morning LP. Powered by clean guitars, hushed vocals, and a plush ambience, the recent offering is sonically pieced together seamlessly and effectively. While intricately crafted arrangements and peaceful textures contribute to the song’s alluring grasp, it’s lyricist Tim Noyes’ delicate portrait of an enigmatic woman that keeps you sticking around.

Handsome Ghost’s forthcoming new music via Nettwerk further cements the band in the alternative/indie space and is a beautiful body of work true to their authentic sound.

“Call Me When You’re Pulling Up” is available at all digital retailers here:

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More Info:

Handsome Ghost consists of Tim Noyes and Eddie Byun. Since starting the band in 2014 in Massachusetts, Handsome Ghost has released three EPs, two full-length albums, and built an extensive touring history sharing stages with the likes of SYML, Yoke Lore, flor, Grizfolk, Frances Cone, In The Valley Below, among others.

Together, they’ve quietly enchanted, engaged, and entranced audiences. In 2014, they shared debut single “Blood Stutter,” which has surpassed 20M streams and initially paved the way for the Steps EP the following year. 2016 saw Handsome Ghost pick up the pace with The Brilliant Glow EP highlighted by the fan favorite “Eyes Wide” [17.6M+ Spotify streams]. In between touring nonstop, they revealed their 2018 full-length debut Welcome Back, housing “Fool,” “Reckless Love,” and more.

In 2020, the pair unveiled Some Still Morning, representing a sonic shift for the band to a more acoustic sound, while still staying true to their roots and Handsome Ghost’s unique sound. Their single “Weeds” eclipsed 5M Spotify streams as the LP incited critical applause. The band has been lauded by the likes of Under The RadarBillboard, NYLON, Relix, Culture Collide, TALKHOUSE, Atwood Magazine, PopDust, American Songwriter, and more.

After amassing tens of millions of streams and receiving widespread acclaim, Handsome Ghost continue to explore the intricacies of their artistic bond and friendship that is embedded with their new music on the horizon.