Martin Kerr Unveils New EP ‘Don’t Listen To Me’

July 21, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Today, poetic Canadian folk-pop artist, Martin Kerr is excited to share the release of his heartful EP Don’t Listen To Me. The Edmonton-based troubadour knew exactly what he wanted to do with this collection of new songs. Through heartfelt lyrics, delicate instrumentation, and sparse production, he explores the nuances of everyday life as well as its wonders with a poetic and poignant perspective. Don’t Listen To Me is a wondrous showcase of Martin’s natural ability as a storyteller conveying vulnerability, adventure, hope, and authentic connections. With tracks co-produced by frequent collaborator Ryan Stewart (Carly-Rae JepsonOwl CityTyler Shaw), this collection has the power to comfort listeners through life’s hardships and celebrate their wins. Don’t Listen To Me is available on all streaming platforms here.

Martin shares, “I just try to be authentic and say what’s really on my mind…..At the same time, I want to leave you with something that helps you. It could allow you to grieve in some way, but it could also be funny, uplifting, or comforting.”


Martin Kerr might be the only artist in the world to have played 400 live shows during the pandemic. When Covid-19 canceled all his touring and festival plans, he launched ‘Stay Home Street Concerts’ to bring music and joy to the people. From driveways to balconies and front lawns, every show finished with the whole street singing his music. As a result, Martin began thinking about the world at its current state and wrote the haunting and uplifting, “Blissful Lands,” the first single he introduced on Don’t Listen To Me. “People need comfort, and we need to live without fear. I love the image of journeying towards something so beautiful we can’t even imagine it. I really believe that happens to us when we die. I love the idea that life is not meaningless, and we’re here for a purpose and there’s something more beautiful on the other side,” he shares.


Martin dove in deeper and followed up with the release of title track, “Don’t Listen To Me,” written from the perspective of a final conversation between loved ones. Hinging on a soft, heartbeat-like drum, punctuated by airy guitar playing, Martin’s powerful voice delivers a memorable message about following your heart and trusting your instincts. “The song is about trusting yourself, abiding by your heart, and leaving it all out there,” he continues. “It’s all I had left after being a full-time singer-songwriter for 15 years and feeling like my impact was limited to my local town. I’ve been able to sing for tens of thousands of people, but I wanted to reach listeners around the world. With NETTWERK behind me, I feel like I can.”

In the end, Martin Kerr delivers verses with raw emotion and seismic hooks bolstered by his bold range, entrancing listeners. Martin shares, “I’m just an ordinary guy trying to figure things out and make a song about it at any opportunity…. Music makes me feel alive in the deepest and realest way. I hope you listen to the EP, have a good time, share it with your friends, smile, and sing along.”

A Long Drive
Blissful Lands
Just Wanted You To Know
You Can Always Come Back
Your Hand In Mine
Don’t Listen To Me



July 28 – Taste of Edmonton – Churchill Square, Edmonton

August 5 – Pigeon Lake Music Festival – Pigeon Lake, Alberta

August 11 – Johnny Reid w/ Martin Kerr – Badlands Amphitheatre, Drumheller

August 16 – Blue Rodeo w/Martin Kerr – Bess Gardens, Saskatoon

August 31 – Fonthill Bandshell – Pelham, Ontario

October 23 – Martin Kerr Live at The Winspear – Winspear Centre, Edmonton

Photo Credit: Shaun Scade | Download here