Mannequin Online Share New Video

October 18, 2019 BY Nettwerk

“From futurism to retroism, Mannequin Online has us dancing through the decades…” – Frontrunner Magazine

“Pure alt-pop at its finest.” – Born Music

“Memorable melodies, subtle accessibility and hooks, just get you on that dance floor of your mind. No guilt. No qualms. Love, and everything that goes along with it.” – ComeHereFloyd

“…festival ready.” – Surviving The Golden Age

“Mannequin Online’s introduction to the world is an electronic, lavish sin” – GUM

Today, Mannequin Online share the video for their new single “I Remember.” The track was co-written with Christian Medice, who also co-wrote and produced the debut Lovelytheband LP in addition to having produced HalseyThe Aces and many others.  The duo, consisting of Zach DeGaetano and Bridget Boltz, use their euphonious sound to create an intoxicating second release. Zach elaborates that “‘I Remember’ ruminates on the concept of memory and a fleeting relationship, while exploring the internal desire to withdraw from a communication-deprive world and salvage a doomed love.”


Their first single, “So Cool,” came out at the end of July along with a remix by San Cisco and by Frills. The smooth yet edgy alt-pop track showcases Mannequin Online’s melodic style and sets forth the stepping stone of what’s to come from the pair.

Mannequin Online are a couple of candescent humans here to converse about the modern world. As one of the latest Nettwerk signings, they are ready to bring their own brand of off-kilter yet unforgettable alt-pop music that is every bit as catchy as it is eclectic.