LULLANAS Share “Pennsylvania Skies” Ahead Of Debut EP ‘Before Everything Got Real,’ Out April 24

March 27, 2020 BY Nettwerk

“Philadelphia folk sister duo LULLANAS show us the power of feelings and old flames with calm country beats in ‘Pennsylvania Skies.’” – Atwood Magazine

“It sounds like the best possible result of being raised by fans of The Eagles and Johnny Cash, embracing the undeniable magic of blood harmonies and landing a hard-earned spot on the current folk-rock map.” — Wide Open Country

“nostalgic and mournful and self-compassionate…  a gentle folk number that centers the duo’s heartfelt vocals and guitar.” — American Songwriter

Indie folk, twin sister duo Atisha and Nishita Lulla, aka LULLANAS, share a new track called “Pennsylvania Skies” from their upcoming debut EP Before Everything Got Real, out April 24th.

The duo tells Atwood Magazine, “With all the craziness and uncertainty in the world right now, we hope this track can take you back to a night out with close friends… where you run into someone you haven’t kept in touch with for some time, and just seeing their face warms your heart in a way no one’s been able to since them. You forget all the reasons it didn’t work out, and they allow you to be present in that very moment.

We wanted the video to give listeners the feeling of being there for our writing process. We often sit at a desk together in a room and sometimes doodle our lyrics out on a page. This lyric video is a window into our thought process and the images that came to our minds when we wrote them. We worked with an artist based out of Italy around the time Italy had their lock down. She used her days inside to bring our illustrations and lyrics to life, and we are so grateful for that. She said our project was a good distraction for her, and we were all happy to make light out of a not so light situation together. “

Listen To + Share “Pennsylvania Skies” Here:

Though they are twins, their idiosyncrasies inform a delicate and diaristic style wrapped in Americana warmth, folk eloquence, country storytelling, and unassuming pop ambition. Before Everything Got Real thrives on an inimitable and familial balance, with five tunes that artfully tap into the whimsy of childhood nostalgia.  LULLANAS introduced the EP with lead single “Memphis,” where wistful guitars coast next to vivid lyrics that bid farewell to a detached and distant love.

Music manifested itself in LULLANAS’ lives at a young age. Growing up in Pennsylvania, the girls recall how important music was on their many family road trips, with their dad listening to The Beatles, The Eagles and Shania Twain, while their mom favored Johnny Cash and Eric Clapton. Before heading to college, their dad gifted Nishita a guitar. That guitar unlocked a world of possibilities as the girls started formally writing as a way to cope with high-stress summer internships in an unfamiliar New York City.

Endless gigging followed as the pair picked up every show possible. The band performed in a graveyard, the produce section at Whole Foods, and anywhere else with a stage. During a summer visit to their grandmother in India, the duo ended up in an old cotton mill converted into a studio where they impromptu tracked “Don’t Say.” Without any expectations, they uploaded the track, which has gone on to surpass 1.3 million streams on Spotify alone. Between gigs alongside Maggie Rose, Neal Carpenter, and Wild Rivers, they toured with Peter Bradly Adams. During the summer of 2019, they recorded Before Everything Got Real with producer Peter Katis [The National].

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