Lùisa Releases Album in Europe; New Video Premieres on NBHAP.com

June 18, 2015 BY Nettwerk

German singer-songwriter lùisa, who was recently signed to the Nettwerk label roster (EU only) is releasing her second album, Never Own, in Europe today. The video for her second single, “Vision,” which she co-directed, is premiering with Nothing But Hope And Passion right now. 

“We are told that we should believe in what we see – but what do we actually see as we are overwhelmed daily with millions of pictures? Probably we sometimes need to shut our eyes to see clearly,” she explains the song’s meaning. “This video is the visualization of a dream that I once had: in this dream I could meet the people, who do not exist anymore in this world.”

You can listen to the whole album here: https://youtu.be/UM4ru-xMJhc

Press quotes:

“With her super dinstinctive voice and sweet pop melodies she manages to captivate you from the very first second.”

“Utterly spellbinding”

“… a beauty, hardly comparable”

“sweet strong and refined at the same time”