London based musician Vraell shares video for single ‘Flicker’

May 20, 2022 BY Jason Currell

After sharing his Nettwerk debut release last month, London based musician & producer Vraell is back today with another impressive single titled ‘Flicker‘. Featuring intricate nylon guitar, interspaced with electronic flourishes as his sincere, heartfelt vocals soars throughout the track, Vraell once again shows immense depth in his fledgling musical journey.

Flicker‘ is about not feeling good enough for someone you care about or love, maybe just not being good enough for yourself either. “I think it leans into the idea that sometimes the hatred we have for ourselves wraps us up to the point that it covers our ability to see any light that’s also there. I think we gravitate towards our darkness and what we hate about ourselves, thinking it always defines us,” Vraell says. “This song is essentially an ongoing rejection of that light, which leads us to feel inadequate. But we need to accept that the parts of us we think that are lesser are just as important as everything else. Once we accept this – then maybe we can be good enough for ourselves, and the surrounding people in our lives.”

Listen to ‘Flicker’ here and watch the accompanying music video below:

Available to buy / stream here:

Vraell (real name Alessio Scozzaro) is a classically trained musician who’s been releasing music under the Vraell moniker since early 2019, slowly building up an online audience for his ethereal sounds. Taking inspiration from composers such as Gustsavo Santaolalla and contemporary acts like Sufjan Stevens and RY X, Scozzaro’s songwriting explores hefty, personal themes, transforming these topics into relatable and emotive remedies. Vraell’s self-released debut EP ‘Fall‘ came out in 2020.

Flicker’ and previous single Collateral’ will be part ofVraell’s debut Nettwerk EP, due out later this year. For more music and press enquiries, please contact Ken Li @ Nettwerk.

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