London based musician Vraell shares powerful new song ‘Minimum’

August 15, 2022 BY Jason Currell

London-based musician & producer Vraell has shared his new single titled ‘Minimum’, his most personal track yet. It deals with the topic of physical trauma and how it can sometimes devour you, and how it breathes back into you, leaving the mind in a dark space with itself. 

“The song is about surviving domestic abuse and all the mess that comes with it, living in constant guilt that you never did enough and it’s always your fault. 

 I just wanted to write something that was really personal to me in this body of work, even if it was only once,” Vraell further explained the meaning behind ‘Minimum’. 

“It wasn’t even intentional at the start – the lyrics were actually written out as a poem years ago, with absolutely no plan of what to do with them cos it was my only way to process stuff at that time. Last year I found that book buried somewhere when I moved house – and I decided to make a song out of it. Basically, I’m saying that I needed better and I deserved better, and the amount of times I told myself that things would change but didn’t. I wanted the minimum but didn’t even get that.”

Watch: ‘Mimimum’ (Lyric Video) here + below:

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It is Vraell’s latest single after ‘Flicker’, ‘​​Collateral’ and ‘Point’ and all will be part ofVraell’s debut Nettwerk EP, due out later this year.

Vraell (real name Alessio Scozzaro) is a classically trained musician who’s been releasing music under the Vraell moniker since early 2019, slowly building up an online audience for his ethereal sounds. Taking inspiration from composers such as Gustsavo Santaolalla and contemporary acts like Sufjan Stevens and RY X, Scozzaro’s songwriting explores hefty, personal themes, transforming these topics into relatable and emotive remedies. Vraell’s self-released debut EP ‘Fall‘ came out in 2020.

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